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AI Meeting Transcription Software Vs Human Transcription: What’s The Most Secure Way?

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Human Transcription Vs AI: What’s the Most Confidential Transcription Service?
Human Factor
— Data Security
Time and Cost

There are many instances when your employees will solely rely on your meeting transcription. For example, if they were unable to attend a meeting, an actual transcript of the meeting will give them much better insight than simply referring to the minutes. 

Or perhaps one of your employees has hearing disabilities. In this instance, reading the transcript might be their only recourse. Thus, often you will find that transcribing meeting minutes is unavoidable.

Now think what could happen if that transcript ends up in the wrong hands? First-of-its-kind products or services could be sold to competitors, exciting product launches could be revealed beforehand or the misconduct of your employees could be leaked to the press. Ultimately, it can cost your business dearly! 

AI-powered tools are the most secure way to transcribe meetings. Therefore, many meeting transcription software solutions, such as Audext, employ artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver the best results, making it the perfect tool for meeting transcription.

How Does Meeting Transcription Software Use AI?

Artificial intelligence is a kind of technology that recognizes your speech and then translates the spoken words into text format. In fact, there are a couple of everyday instances where you have used this type of technology without even realizing it. Some examples include the dictation feature on your Apple TV’s remote and YouTube’s auto-captions. 

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What’s more, this type of technology has really made significant advancements in the last couple of years. And, it is still being improved as we speak!

Though, nothing is perfect, right? One con is that AI speech recognition will still need time to master informal phrases and words used by particular demographics, such as colloquialisms and slang. 

Luckily, this informal use of language is not used often during formal meetings which means that AI is still a very good choice for meeting transcription.

Human Transcription Vs AI: What’s the Most Confidential Transcription Service?

Human Factor

For human transcription, a real person will listen to the audio file of your meeting and then type it out into text format. While human transcription will deliver accurate results, it means that another person will be privy to your confidential information. 

Yes, there are NDAs to prevent any confidential information from getting leaked, but what was once heard, can’t be forgotten. The fact of the matter is that there is a real chance that human error can cause a confidentiality breach. 

After all, it is very hard not to leave hints about exciting new product launches prior to its official release date. Or, if it is a disciplinary meeting, it could be that the transcriptionist is acquainted with the parties. Compared to manual transcription, with an AI-powered tool like Audext there is no human factor involved, which promises more secure results.

Data Security

What’s more, you have no real control over how the transcriptionist stores the transcription of your confidential meeting. While, with AI-powered transcription services, there is ultimately only one user in charge.

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The person who uploads the audio file is the one who gets to control all the information that gets shared. After a meeting has been transcribed, he/she is free to edit or delete all the files that have been uploaded as well as the completed transcripts.

Time and Cost

You might think that the solution is to entrust an employee with this task. However, to complete a transcription manually (especially if you do not have advanced tools like a foot pedal or the experience and training) is a laborious process. 

Plus, are you using your employee’s expertise to the max by asking him/her to complete such a task?  AI-powered tools can transcribe the meeting within a matter of minutes. 

You can always ask one of your employees to give the AI-generated transcripts a quick edit afterward. This way you are still guaranteed about the accuracy and can restrict who has access to the confidential information to in-house employees only.

All things considered, if you need to transcribe important, confidential audio files, human transcription is simply not the most secure solution. 

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Katrin runs her own podcast show, and interested in best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.

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