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Audext Refund Policy

We offer a refund to our clients in some cases: 

  1. The file wasn’t transcribed because of some technical issues from our side, but the transcription minutes were withdrawn from your account. 
  2. The file was transcribed, but more than 30% of transcription were missing or transcribed incorrectly. (This does not apply to the files with poor quality, so check the quality of your audio before uploading.)
  3. Some transcription chunks were missing.
  4. When you have bought a big quantity of transcription minutes, but uploaded a small file (less than 20% of all your transcription minutes) and you were not satisfied with the quality of the transcription.
  5. If you couldn’t access the transcription after uploading and we couldn’t help you from our side.
  6. If the transcription editor doesn’t work properly and we couldn’t help you from our side. 
  7. If you couldn’t download the transcription and we couldn’t help you from our side. 

In case of the refund, the transcription must be checked by our technical specialist, we do not want to violate your privacy, so you should give your permission to read your transcription and listen to your audio file. If you do not give permission, we will check the technical side of Audext transcription service and if everything is okay, we cannot give you a refund. 

Please, read the refund policy carefully and check the quality of your file before uploading.

If you have some problems with Audext audio transcription service or if your situation corresponds to one of the above mentioned – please contact us at team@audext.com