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How To Create A Youtube Video: Top Trends For 2022

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The number of videos uploaded per hour and 720,000 hours per day on YouTube is about 30,000 hours of videos uploaded per hour and 720,000 hours per day on YouTube. Only 10% of these videos have drawn 79% of views on the search engine. This means that not every video on the search engine is good enough to get viewers. There must be something in particular that this 10% is doing right.

Creating a YouTube video is one thing, and creating what is trending on YouTube is another thing. In this article, we’ve done all the research for you, and we’ll be providing a definitive guide on everything you should know about how to create YouTube videos that would rake in more views for your channel. Let’s proceed.

Why Are Trends Important For Youtube?

The answers are pretty simple if you’ve ever wondered why trends are essential on YouTube. Let’s discuss them below.

Attracting A New Audience

Trends are the primary way for brands and marketers to get maximum attention on YouTube. It’s a unique opportunity for your content to reach new audiences and go viral. Going viral means your content gets shared rapidly, increasing your overall number of views.

Trends Help Creators Decide On Future Topics

Increasing your possibilities of reaching more audiences isn’t just about trends but about finding content for your videos. Trending videos are a good indicator of what people are watching. You can join in on a current trend by creating trend-inspired videos related to your niche. Adapt the movement to your content and start a new wave.

Connect With Your Target Audience

Every business and brand should be able to create a personal relationship with their audience, and trendy YouTube videos are a perfect way to do that. Companies, brands, and entrepreneurs can use current trends to build genuine connections with their target customers and attract real-world customers.

What Is Trending On Youtube?

Now that you clearly understand how trends can help you create better content and broaden your audience reach, here are the top YouTube trends that you can integrate into your videos and content.

Follow Decided Content

The internet is constantly changing, and daily, people find better ways to make their audience feel more included in their content creation process. Gone are those times when YouTubers had total control over the kind of videos and content they created.

Now, the brands and businesses find out what their viewers and audience want through polls, comments, webinar and live streams. This way, they get to know what their audience wants, and they can work around it.


How-to-videos are another set of trendy content you’d find on YouTube. They’ve been around for a long time and will remain for years to come. How-to videos assist viewers in completing tasks, making repairs, and determining how things work.

Accessible Content

Viewers and the audience can easily navigate accessible content. It includes using assistive and inclusive technology such as subtitles, animations, etc. Subtitles are particularly more widely used as they make your videos reachable to a broader audience, including people who speak different languages and those hard of hearing. Platforms like Audext can be used to transcribe your speech into text online without any fuss.

Live Streaming

Live streams are in high demand because they give your viewers access to content happening in real-time. YouTube Live is the platform’s live streaming function, allowing creators, businesses, and brands to genuinely connect with their fans.

Shorter Mobile Videos

YouTube shorts was launched in 2021 to allow creators to create short, engaging videos for their audience. Although it is one of the most recent trends, creators have been able to maximize the opportunity to make catchy content for their channels.

Immersive Shopping Videos

YouTube has long had a strong following for shopping videos. YouTubers provide viewers with an immersive experience of how to pick and buy clothes, from hauls to “shop with me” to gift tips and product reviews.

Three Reasons Captions Increase Youtube Views

Getting the right trends isn’t all you need to know about how to create YouTube videos. You also have to be able to create inclusive content that is accessible to a wide range of viewers out there. This category includes foreign-language speakers, anyone unable to watch videos with sound, and individuals who cannot hear properly.

An easy way to reach all this category of people is by learning how to put subtitles on YouTube for your videos. It will help you achieve a wider audience and increase your YouTube views. Here are the top three reasons why captions help improve your YouTube views.

Closed Caption Boost Video Seo

Closed captions measurably rank better on the search engine. According to the discovery of digital networks, captioned YouTube videos showed a 13.48 percent boost in views within the first 14 days of being posted. Closed captioning videos received 7.32 percent higher views on YouTube than uncaptioned videos.

Captions Make Videos Accessible To A Broader Audience

Captions give all individuals similar experiences in watching the video as long as the captions are accurate, readable, and in rhythm. It provides you with improved video accessibility and the opportunity to have more potential viewers.

Captions Let Viewers Watch Videos In More Places.

Almost anyone and everyone from all regions of the world can access YouTube from their smartphones, regardless of whatever activities they are engaged in. Whether they are in a noisy environment, studying in a quiet library, or putting their baby to sleep. Make it easier for them to watch your videos without the sound by learning how to add subtitles on YouTube.

How To Create Subtitles With Audext

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add subtitles on YouTube using the Audext – Audio to text converter.

●  Go to Audext and login into your dashboard

●  Click on new upload to upload your video

●  Enter the identity of people speaking in the video

●  Choose your preferred language

●  Click on the submit button

●  Wait for a few minutes while the audio to text converter transcribes your video to text.

●  Edit the transcript to your taste.

●  Download the transcription in DOC or TXT format, and save it on google drive.

●  Create a subtitle format from the automated transcription using an internet converter.

Although learning how to create a YouTube video is not an easy task. We hope you’ll find the process easier, and you now understand how to put subtitles on YouTube with Audext to reach a larger audience and satisfy your viewers.

Katrin Deres 04/14/2022
Katrin runs her own podcast show and is interested in the best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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