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There are several options you have for transcribing Russian audio files. You could sit down with the audio file and type it line by line. The problem with that is that today’s working atmosphere is a fast-paced one.

Therefore, there is a need for speed, efficiency, and accuracy while transcribing. Transcribing by yourself is not an economical solution. Some important companies and corporate institutions need a good Russian transcription service provider in their daily affairs.

Audext is a versatile online tool for automatic Russian transcription. If you have not explored the power of an online transcription tool, now is the time.

Here are the highlights of what Audext can do:

How it works
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Event Organizers
Optimal solution for:
✓ Podcasters
✓ Corporate clients
✓ Journalists
✓ Meeting transcribing
✓ Interviewers
✓ Educators

How To Use Russian Transcription Online

Audext is simple to use. All you need to do is to follow the seven basic steps below.

1.Create a User Profile on Audext’s Official Platform

Open your browser and navigate to Audext official website. There are “Login” and “Sign Up” options in the upper right corner of our site. If you are new, click on “Sign Up”. 

You can either create your account with Google or your email address. The last step is to create a strong password.

If you have been using Audext, click on “Login”. For updates on offers and discounts for transcription services Russian, you can enable that option.

2.Upload Your Russian Audio File

The maximum file size that our app can support is 200MB. It is best to record small multiple audio tracks in the beginning. Audext Russian transcription software is compatible with different file formats. They include M4A, MP3, MP4, OGG, WMA, and WAV.

3.Specify the Names of the Speakers in the Audio

This step is very essential. Simply fill in the names of the speakers at the beginning. Audext is intelligent enough to match the name of a speaker to his/her portion of transcribed text.

4.Select the Russian Language

Audext can translate many languages which include German, Russian, French, and several others. It can also do Cyrillic Russian transcription. You need to specify Russian so that Audext will do the right task.

5.Wait For the Transcription of the File

The size of the uploaded file and your internet speed determines the conversion speed. Ideally, the Russian transcription service should not take a long time.

6.Edit the Transcribed Text with Audext’s In-Built Editor

When the Russian transcription process is over, there will be little changes and modifications that you might want to make.

This is more probable if you are a native Russian speaker. Audext’s in-built editor contains all the important features to help you make adjustments.

7.Download the Final File

If you have a stable internet connection, you can download the transcribed file in no time. You can get your file in .docx or .txt format.

Audext’s dashboard keeps track of the workflow of the file conversion. If you are not ready to download your file, Audext keeps it in the cloud for you.

Why Use Audext Transcription Software?

Why should you use an online Russian transcription software like Audext? This app will save you a lot of time, energy, and stress. If you decide to sit down to listen to an audio file and type for hours, you will lose a lot of momentum.

You can channel that energy into other workflow activities. There are several human transcription services Russian companies that you can reach out to. However, that choice will cost you significant financial resources.

After that sacrifice, you don’t still have the guarantee of a good result. Why not use an option like Audext? You can sit on your desk, log in to our website, and get your job done efficiently. Audext offers the following nuggets.

Proper speaker identification: Whether you have an interview or podcast, Audext does most of the speaker identification work for you. All you have to do is to specify the names of the speakers.

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