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Audio to Text
Converter Online

Use our advanced transcription software to convert your audio files to text. Automatic and professional options available.

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Automatic Transcription

$5 per hour
60+ languages available
80% accuracy
  • Accurate for clear audio
  • Receive an hour of audio fully transcribed in 10 minutes
  • Timestamping
  • Speaker identification

100% Professional Transcription

$1.2 per minute
100% native speakers
99% accuracy
  • Accurate for all audio
  • Receive full professional transcription in 3 days
  • Timestamping
  • Speaker identification
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Audext app was created to save your valuable time when transcribing audio files to text. Using cutting edge machine learning Audext audio to text converter transcribes your text automatically, and offers following nuggets:



We use advanced AI algorithms to provide various industries with fast and reliable automatic audio to text converter

Either it is a hustle of transcribing an interview or need to transfer voice memos, we keep you covered with auto transcription software for journalists.

Knowing the necessity to have corporate meetings transcribed and stored securely, Audext allows editing transcripts without human interference.

Student or researcher? Be ensured to transcribe the MP3 file to text using Audext and get your speech in a written format without extra fuss. Search through hours of recordings, verify and correct them freely with transcribing for researchers.


Audext is a smart service for transcribing your speech to text online. This is an economical solution for different life situations.

No need to install any soft on the computer – just open the browser and transcribe speech to text, edit the result online and save it in DOCX or TXT format.

That’s why Audext is effective in using: convenient interface for fast audio to text transcription; minimalistic audio stream dashboard; high recognition of different voices even in noise; speakers` names auto-filling; text timings tracking; autosaving of all changes, and an opportunity to start for free.

Why use Audext?
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How to Convert Audio to Text Automatically?

The process of transcribing an audio record into text usually takes a lot of time, if you do it yourself. On average, an hour-long audio file requires three hours of manual transcription.

Get results fast. Audext automated standard is 0.13:1 ratio. It will take 7 minutes of the transcription process to transcribe an hour of audio.

We strive to make voice content usable. Automatic audio to text conversion will allow you to pay more attention to details, be creative and turn the generated text into high-quality content. Leave the transcription to smart software and focus on work and leisure.

Why Choose Professional Transcription Services

If you need high-quality audio to text transcription (99% accuracy guaranteed), so it is better to order Audext manual transcription service.

We work with 50000+ native speakers who have great experience in transcribing audio files of different quality, with or without background noises, with multiple speakers, etc.

Your transcription will be ready, proofread, and delivered in 1-3 business days.

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More Reasons to Love Audext

Easy upload & export

Easy upload & export

Upload your file in seconds. Multiple options to export files

Text editor

Text editor

Not only you get transcribed audio in minutes, you can edit text without leaving Audext

Multiple billing options

Multiple billing options

Either you want to convert only 1 hour of audio, or plan to have recurring tasks, we got you covered

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