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Transcribe Interviews On The Go With Audext

Journalist’s life is all about press conferences, breaking news, and interviews. The thing is – audio recordings of your findings and insights are filled with a buzz or your dictaphone failed you and come up with a noisy record.

Audext can help you even when you think that there is nothing to be done. Manual transcription is not an option if you can transcribe interviews automatically. Audext will transcribe your audio file using voice recognition technology within a few minutes.

You can even get a transcript of an interview using only your smartphone. Audext is compatible with mobile browsers so there will be no problem transcribing your audio to text on the go.

How To Transcribe Interviews Automatically Using Audext?

Audext automatic transcription software converts to text almost all types of audio formats. It doesn’t matter if you recorded it in MP3 or WAV format – you will receive ready interview transcription in a couple of minutes. We don’t limit the size of the file that you upload to our service.

Audio and video work files can be easily converted to text in a couple of clicks. If you have a video interview on hands you can just extract the audio clip from it. Or if your video files are in one of the following formats use our step-by-step guide on how to transcribe it to text with using Audext.

All you need to do is:

1. Login to your account.

2. Enter the dashboard.

3. Upload your audio/video recording.

4. Enter the names of speakers.

5. Voila! The transcription is started and will be ready in a couple of minutes!

That’s all, in a matter of minutes you’ll have your interview transcript on hands. Once your file is transcribed, you will be able to access it through your dashboard. You can edit it using our Interactive Cloud Editor.

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How Audext Can Help You Create Interview Transcript Template?

As you’ll be able to read and edit each of your transcripts with a built-in Audext feature it will be extremely easy to format it and create a perfect interview transcript example. After you’re done with editing and formatting you can easily download your file in TXT or DOC format.

All of our transcription processes and editing tool is done with advanced AI technology, to ensure the best quality and provide you the most accurate transcription services available. And we back this all up with high-quality customer support, to deal with special requests, and tricky problems to make you enjoy the interviewing process and forget about transcription fuss. 

With Audext you don’t need to think about manual interview transcription anymore – we got you covered!

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Audext FAQ
How to transcribe an interview?
With Audext you can easily transcribe an interview in 5 quick steps:
  1. Login to Audext account.
  2. Click “New Upload”
  3. Drag and drop the audio file to the window that opened
  4. Enter the names of speakers
  5. Edit transcript with built-in Audext text editor and download interview transcription as DOC or TXT file.
How to transcribe an interview of qualitative research?
The process is quite simple:
  1. Login to Audext and enter the dashboard;
  2. Click “New Upload” at the right corner of the page;
  3. Upload audio file to the window that opens;
  4. Enter names of the speakers (separated by commas);
  5. Download ready qualitative interview transcript in either .txt or .doc file formats.
For more tips on how to transcribe qualitative interviews read our article.
How to transcribe an interview example?
You can easily transcribe an interview with Audext. Find an interview example transcribed using Audext in our recent blog post.
How long does it take to transcribe a 1-hour interview?
If you are using Audext it will take you 21 minute to transcribe an hour of audio (on average). Other types of transcription takes more time to complete the transcription. Read this post to know more about industry standards of how long it takes to transcribe a 1-hour audio.
How can I transcribe a video interview into a Word file on Mac?
If your video interview is in one of the following file extensions: MP4, M4V, MOV, 3gp, OGG video, WMV - you can use Audext to convert it to text file on Mac device.

For this, you just need to open your browser, log in to Audext, click “New upload”, upload file with your video interview and wait a couple of minutes to download ready transcript as Word file (in .doc file extension).
How much does it cost to transcribe interview?
It depends on the length of the interview in question. The transcription cost starts from $5 per hour with the subscription; from $12 without subscription. We also offer discounts for bulk orders (at least 10 hours)

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