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If you are a podcaster, a newbie journalist or simply looking to do some audio editing at home, then Audext is the tool for you. It became more clear that auto-leveling is not only smart, but a game-changing approach to amateur podcasting.

Podcasters get episode transcscripts for a great SEO boost, and of course the captions upgrade allows any transcript to be synced to video recordings to create onscreen subtitles or captions.

Human-based transcription services still generate transcripts that are full of errors, misunderstandings, and nonsensical statements. The more arcane or technical the discussion is the more voices on the podcast — the worse it can have. If you really want your transcript to be good, try Audext! Advanced AI algorithms provide you with fast and reliable automatic audio to text converter.


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Convert audio to text in a matter of minutes to provide an affordable transcript of your podcast.

  • Fast transcription
  • Syncronized audio and text
  • High editing speed
  • Cost effective
  • Correct Speker Idefication
  • Support of various audio types

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