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OGG is a format, which can be compared with MP3 in terms of file compression quality. OGG Vorbis is a relatively new universal audio compression format, officially released in the summer of 2002.

Whenever you need to transcribe audio files to text, use advanced online OGG conversion service by Audext. This transcription tool allows users to edit the text file at the most convenient speed. In general, the process of OGG to text transcription takes less than 10 minutes if you use an online OGG converter like Audext.

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The main indisputable advantage of the Ogg Vorbis format is the complete openness of its audio codec. Moreover, it uses the latest and most high-quality psychoacoustic model, because of which the bitrate/quality ratio is much lower than that of other audio formats.

As a result, the sound quality is better but the file size is smaller. Ogg Vorbis was developed by the Xiphophorus community (also known as xiph.org) to replace all paid proprietary audio formats.

Although the fact that OGG is the youngest format of all competitors of MP3, Ogg Vorbis has full support on all known platforms (Windows, PocketPC, Symbian, DOS, Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD, BeOS, etc.), as well as a large number of hardware implementations. Its popularity far exceeds all alternative solutions today.

The possibility of streaming is no surprise to anyone how but in OGG format, it was laid by creators from the very foundation of it. This provides an opportunity to store several audio compositions with your tags in one file.

However, you may have certain difficulties when facing a need to get a text version of OGG audio files. Not all online audio converters support this format. If you need to transcribe OGG audio file to text, use a dependable and affordable Audext OGG to text converter online.


Using Audext to transcribe OGG to text is easier than riding a bike. Here are the simple 3 steps to follow to get OGG to text file transcript:


1. Upload your OGG audio file to Audext online converter via your dashboard;

2. Wait for up to 10 minutes depending on the length of your speech file;

3. Edit the text result, and export file in TXT or DOC formats.

That’s it! Your file is ready for use. And there are a lot of ways to effectively use OGG to text transcript. Let’s count down the reasons why you should try transcribing OGG files to text.

Advantages Of Using Audext OGG To Text Converter Online

It is worth noting that OGG audio format is just a small part of the multimedia project of Ogg Squish, which also includes free coders:
Speex – for voice compression;
FLAC – for lossless audio compression;
Theora – for video compression.
Due to this, it is possible to suppose that in the nearest future this format will be even more widespread. It is the main reason why you may need to convert OGG to text online.

Having transcripts of the audio file content on hands opens an opportunity to enjoy a lot of benefits it brings. For example, if you want to convert the OGG file of the interview or podcast and place the text version on your website, you will be able to broaden audience reach and therefore get more traffic.

While transcribing OGG files to text, you get an opportunity to optimize your content with the help of the keywords your potential reader looks for. Text transcripts have one great advantage over audio recordings.

Compared to audio files, text form of content is searchable. And giving your users the ability to choose from audio to text form of information makes your content inclusive, which is highly important these days.

Audext online software can help you enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits of having your OGG file turned into text. It will change from OGG audio file format to DOC or TXT text within minutes. Moreover, the content’s quality will be saved. You will be able to upload it directly and edit on the same page. Audext online OGG to text converter will save your time and money.

Use Audext whenever you need to convert OGG to text online quickly and effectively!

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