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Our mission is to
make voice content usable

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It all started with content.

After working a couple of years on her content marketing agency, our founder and CEO Kate had noticed that most of us don’t use audio content to its full potential. Consider this: barely used in advertising, audio recordings were neglected as a source of valuable data for customer research, and a lot of other opportunities for businesses were missed because of it. These cases lead Kate to question: are there ways to make voice content an essential part of our work?

Well, that is how Audext was born.

Our team is continuously working and evolving to make Audext the best online transcription tool out there.

Audext is perfect for your personal and professional needs, whether you’re:

Being useful is the core value that brought us all together. After all, we created Audext for you to make voice content usable.

Our team

Founder, CEO
Lead Developer
Project Manager
Content Manager
SMM Manager
SEO Specialist

More Reasons to Love Audext

Easy upload & export

Easy upload & export

Upload your file in seconds. Multiple options to export files

Text editor

Text editor

Not only you get transcribed audio in minutes, you can edit text without leaving Audext

Multiple billing options

Multiple billing options

Either you want to convert only 1 hour of audio, or plan to have recurring tasks, we got you covered

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