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Convert M4A to text automatically

M4A format (MPEG-4) is a new standard of audio file compression. It is meant to be even of better quality than the popular MP3 audio. Though this format is less popular among users than MP3.

However, you won’t face any problems if you need to convert M4A audio files to text online. 10 minutes will be enough to transcribe M4A to text automatically using an advanced converter online.

Whether you need to get the text format of recorded lectures, interviews or corporate call conversations, use the Audext app and convert voice files automatically.


Whether you’re a researcher, a journalist, or a student, sooner or later you’ll face a need to transcribe audio to text. It may be a real challenge if you do this manually. As manual transcription may take hours of time and a lot of money if you outsource this job to the freelancer.

1.Find automatic transcription service. Today, it is much more effective to use an automatic M4A to text converter online. It is the best solution if you are short in time and want to get high-quality results.

2. Use Audext M4A transcription that works quickly and effectively online. It allows you to devote more time to the analysis of the interview, a lecture, a conference, etc.

An advanced M4A to text converter is able to save journalists many hours of making notes and listening to recordings to find the right quotes. 

3. Upload your file.

Thanks to the fast transcription software, it is possible to focus on the speech of the respondent, and not unnecessary work. The recording is just one of the stages journalists pass in their workflow. As for the following stages, one can entrust them to use Audext. 

4. Edit your transcriptin if it is needed. 

It will convert M4A audio recordings to text online providing a choice of multiple text formats (DOC or TXT).

5. Download the file in DOC or TXT format.

Why Should You Transcribe M4A To Text Online?

There are many reasons why you should convert M4A audio online using Audext. 

This format is often used to store interview podcasts. It is obvious that owners of podcasts will benefit more if they post a text version of the podcast as well as the audio itself. 

These days search engines recognize and rank text content in accordance with the keywords. When you have M4A file converted to text, you can optimize it with the help of keywords to enjoy a higher ranking of your blog. 

Moreover, the reader will perceive transcribed files better. Not to mention that M4A to text converter can help you broaden your audience and make your content not only valuable but also inclusive.

To be at the top of the Google list isn’t the only reason why it is a great idea to use Audext. Podcast owners should consider transcribing voice files to text because it can bring them a good profit and widen their opportunities for promotion. Today, podcasts attract more and more listeners. Due to this fact, some talk transcripts can be combined in an interesting e-book.

Moreover, there is a category of people who still give preference to text format rather than to audio files. So, having both audio and its transcription, you will kill two birds with one stone. You will attract more audience to your product satisfying the wants and the needs of each subscriber.

Having a transcription of each audio file you will provide people with the possibility to find the necessary information easily. For example, the show contained some helpful data or quotes the listener would like to remember. He or she would be able to find the topic of interest in the blink of an eye looking through the text.

How To Use An M4A To Text Transcription Tool From My Smartphone?

There is more than one way to do this. 

  1. The first way is to use the physical transfer of files by connecting your smartphone to your PC or laptop. 
  2. The second one is to use Google Drive for storing your audio files.
  3.  And the third one, which is the least time-consuming, is to use Audext to upload and convert M4A files to text from any device that supports iOS or Android platforms and has a stable Internet connection.
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