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The Audext blog

Automatic audio transcription service provider brings you useful tips, trends and inspiring ideas on how to transcribe recordings easier.

by Katrin Deres | 09/11/2021

Captions and subtitles are undoubtedly helpful when it comes to displaying the text of video footage on screens. Subtitles deliver text alternatives to dialogue of flicks from one language to another. On the other end, captions are grouped into open captions and closed captions. Though captions meaning might sound just […]

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by Katrin Deres | 08/16/2021

Videos are a great way to provide information and get a massive online audience. This type of media is audio-visual and entertaining. Research has also shown that videos make up a significant percentage of Google search results. People spend more time on video hosting sites like YouTube and Instagram. If […]

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by Katrin Deres | 08/09/2021

The audio quality of a recording is of utmost importance. Once people sense poor sound quality on a podcast or video, they get turned off immediately. Getting the best audio quality doesn’t exactly start from the point of recording. It’s not all about having the best mic or the most […]

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by Katrin Deres | 08/06/2021

The need to use subtitles in videos cannot be overemphasized, especially if you belong to the professional filmmaking industry. When you make an awesome video, you need proper text to describe the message you want to convey. Whether you need translation captions for interviews, podcasts or documentaries, subtitles are vital. […]

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by Katrin Deres | 07/13/2021

How to Save Voicemails There are many reasons why you might want to transcribe voicemail. Whether it’s saving a special memory from a loved one or keeping important information that you need proof of, it’s smart to retain certain voicemails for your records. Methods for saving voicemails as files in […]

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by Katrin Deres | 06/22/2021

While almost anyone has heard, seen, or downloaded a .srt file, not everyone knows what does srt stand for.  Despite it being an old standard, it’s still widely used in modern entertainment. Likewise, it’s beneficial to learn everything about it. If you agree, please read on. Below, we’ll discuss srt […]

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by Katrin Deres | 05/16/2021

Meetings are an integral part of a business. We are recording meetings and converting the conversations into texts. Also, we are archiving the material for future use. That’s not only time-consuming. It’s a painful experience. Business executives need to find painless ways of converting meeting recording to text. The reason […]

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by Katrin Deres | 05/14/2021

It’s important to pass on information in a precise and convenient way, otherwise, this information might lose value and the effort put into preserving it. It is easier to pass on information in written form, too – the reader will most likely retain more of it than the listener. Overall, […]

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by Katrin Deres | 04/09/2021

Are you new to the outsource lifestyle? Do you want to learn how to outsource and the things related to it? If you’ve asked these questions, please read on. Below, we’ll discuss business process outsourcing and other related information. Additionally, we’d listed the best outsourcing software, including one that will […]

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by Katrin Deres | 04/02/2021

Since customer experience management is an essential part of every business, you’re likely looking for a guide to help you understand it. If that’s the case, this article will help. In the following sections, we’ll discuss customer service strategy by answering the questions: what is customer experience, and what makes […]

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