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As you can see, language transcription has an application in almost every sphere. However, perfect audio to text Dutch transcription in a short time is no easy task. An online Dutch speech to text transcription service will serve as a scalable and efficient solution.

If you need audio to text Dutch conversion services, there is no need to look too far.
Audext speech to text Dutch translation software will offer the following advantages:

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✓ Podcasters
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How To Use Audio To Text Dutch Transcription Software

Audext is straightforward to utilize. There are seven basic steps to use Audext Dutch transcription software.

1.Register your account on Audext’s official website

Open your web browser on any internet-enabled device. Navigate to Audext’s official website. In the upper right corner, you will see the “login” and “Sign Up” options. If you are a newcomer to our site, click on “Sign Up”. You can complete this action with Google or your email address.

The only vital pieces of information you will supply are your name and password. Click on “Login” if you have been using our service. You can also select the option to get updates on our discounts and offers.

2.Upload your Dutch audio

Upload your Dutch audio file. The file size should not be more than 200MB. Also, Audext Dutch transcription software supports six file formats. They include OGG, WMA, WAV, MP4, M4A, and MP3.

3.Provide the names of the speakers

This is a vital once-and-for-all step. Once you fill in the names of the speakers, Audext’s intelligent voice to text Dutch transcription software will match the speaker’s name to their voice for subsequent paragraphs.

4.Choose the Dutch language

Audext can auto transcribe Dutch and several other languages. Therefore, you have to select the Dutch language so that Audext will do the right thing.

5.Wait for the Dutch audio to text conversion process

The transcription process does not take a long time. The size of your Dutch file determines the conversion speed.

6.Use the in-built editor to make little changes

When the Dutch audio to text conversion is over, you can be sure that Audext will deliver near-perfect accuracy. You might have some little changes to make, especially if you are a native Dutch speaker. You make these changes on Audext’s inbuilt editor and track them automatically.

7.Download the file

Audext audio to text converter Dutch transcription software allows you to download your file in .docx or .txt format. With a stable internet connection, you will get the completed result.

Even if you are not ready to download, the Audext dashboard keeps a record of all your activities. Your browser cache also stores your text notes and audio files.

Why Use Voice To Text Dutch Transcription Services

Why should you choose Audext? Of course, there are several options you can use to transcribe Dutch audio files. None of these methods can beat the benefits that Audext offers. If you hire a cheap transcriptionist for your project, you will get the result fast.

However, where is that Assurance of a quality job? On the other hand, human transcription companies will charge you a lot and take a lot of time. If you understand Dutch to a significant level, you could sit down for hours and listen to the audio track by yourself.

Why go through that kind of hassle when the Audext app is there to help? The purpose of this audio to text converter Dutch software is to save you time and stress at an affordable price. Here are the reasons why you should use Audext.

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