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Research effectively with the easy-to-learn interface and learn how to transcribe an interview qualitative research with Audext.

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Are you a R&D specialist?

To be a research professor means you collect information. To be a research assistant means that you consider information integral. As a research assistant and writer, to succeed, you must have access to data.

A research professor is responsible for correct information because he is an authority. It is important for research assistants and professors to get the correct information for transcription in qualitative research.

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How to conduct interviews in qualitative research?

Researchers make the world of information possible
and that is such a big deal.

How do they do it?

Text researchers do a lot. For a start, they determine the goal. Text researchers also target people for the interview, design interview questions, prepare the interview, and conduct the interview.

That is not all. Text researchers also transcribe,
analyze, and optimize data.

All of these steps are vital. But, transcribing is a little more technical than the others. Hence, the need to market research transcription.

It takes using the best instrument to get the best material. Audext is the best bet for research transcription services.

You can do research transcription with an Audext. An Audext helps to transcribe and saves you the worry about losing information. You can also do not have to worry about dealing with distorted information.

Why do research firms need to use research interviews?

Information remains the rock of companies and it is on it that continuity of the world depends. We cannot overemphasize the importance of research. But, it is more important to acknowledge the interview as a great method of doing research. Qualitative research gives reserach assistants and research professors access to raw facts and data.


Here is why transcribing interview in qualitative research information is important:

* It saves time
Research interviews guarantee first-hand information. Interpretation from audio may take time. So, research and development is best done by transcribing. Using this Audext transcription helps to find the facts faster. Hence, no time-wasting.

* Transcription keeps your research accurate
Information on how to transcribe an interview qualitative research provides what has been said by the interviewee. This is proof that the transcription of interviews is always accurate.

* You get a written record
Having an audio record of information is great. But, with transcripts of interviews, you also get the written record, which is better!

How to improve R&D with research transcription?

You can convert research and development interviews to text. The role of research assistants is not limited to conducting research interviews. They can do this as long as they follow the instructions.
One peculiar thing about Audext is that anyone can pick it up and put it to good use. This implies that it is easy to operate.
Audext can also serve as an audio to text converter and you can use it for audio to text transcription in different file formats.

If they have done research interviews with videos, Audext can help to transcribe them into text.
The functions of an Audext are limitless. After qualitative research When a research assistant or research professor finds this tool, there is no limit to what they can achieve.

As long as it relates to audio and video conversion and transcription, they can do it.
All research assistants and research professors must know these procedures in order to transcribe.

You must follow these procedures that have been designed by research professors and research assistants.
There is a guarantee for success if you do this without missing any point.


Just in 5-7 minutes, you’ll have your research transcription without much stress. Once you have your transcribed file, you will be able to access it through your dashboard. Use our interactive cloud editor to make your transcript better.


Audext transcription services should be among essential transcription apps for market research transcription. It may help researchers make the working process better and effective.

Audext audio to text converter is your top choise for transcribing audio to text free.

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Audext FAQ
How to convert research interviews to text?
To transcribe research interviews to text you can use Audext automated audio to text converter. The process is pretty simple:
- Log in (or Sign Up) to your account;
- Click "New Upload" and send your file to cloud transcription;
- Edit the text (if needed) and download the transcript of your lecture.
How much does it cost to transcribe interviews in qualitative research?
The research transcription cost starts from $5 per hour with the subscription;
from $12 without transcription. We also offer discounts for bulk orders (at least 10 hours)
How can I change my transcription?
If you need to edit your transcripts of interviews please go to your dashboard and press "edit" near the transcribed file. The in-built editor highlights the active word, finds & replaces the feature, and many more.
Do you give any discounts for research and development firms?
Yes, we offer special enterprise plan for research and development firms, please contact us at team@audext.com to learn more. Also, we offer discounts to everyone for bulk orders (at least 10 hours of transcription), check our pricing page.
Is it possible to transcribe video research interviews?
Yes, it is. Since Audext supports various file formats, even if it is a video interview. You can transcribe these video file formats - AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, WEBM.