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Even without transcription, research is time and energy-consuming. Add manual transcription to the mix, and it becomes a daunting task. Thankfully, Audext eases the workload and saves time. With a few clicks, you can convert large volumes of audio and video files to text.

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The Tool for Research and Development Specialists

Here at Audext, we understand the weight that rests on your shoulders. 

Research is a crucial tool that builds knowledge and progresses learning in all fieldsBusiness, Education, Medicine, Physical Sciences, and Arts.

Successful research must be accurate and with timely delivery. Therefore, speed and accuracy are paramount. With Audext, you’ll never have to worry about energy-draining transcribing. Our software can accurately process 1-hour audio or video files in 10 minutes. 

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Interviews in qualitative research

Any researcher will confirm the importance of interviews in qualitative research. You get real-time information about a person’s or group’s opinions, attitudes, and knowledge.

Besides one-on-ones, the modern world has countless modes of data collection. We have smartphone recordings and online conferencing channels like Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts. You need a transcription service that integrates with different software and streamlines the research process.

Why Audext is the best research transcription software

It takes to guts to claim “the best” in anything. Nonetheless, we have what it takes to back our claim. 

  • Above 80% Accuracy

The Audext Automatic Transcription Software has a minimum accuracy of 80%. It analyzes files second by second to ensure no information is distorted or lost. We also have the Audext Professional Service—It’s a manual transcription service that offers a minimum of 99% accuracy. 

  • Fast Processing Times

Audext is undoubtedly among the fastest in the industry. Our software boasts a 0.13 to 1 transcription ratio. It enables us to transcribe your 1-hour audio files in 10 minutes. 

  • Comprehensive Language and Dialect Support

Audext supports over 60+ languages and dialects. Thanks to our services, you can publish research findings in almost all languages worldwide. Our Professional Transcription Service also employs 100% native speakers to preserve your work’s authenticity. 

  • Secure Transcript Management and Storage

Here at Audext, we have a strict privacy policy. We only use your file uploads to generate transcripts. Afterwards, you can manually delete them immediately or after a specific time limit. 

  • A Powerful Internal Editor

With Audext, you can complete all your editing work without leaving your transcription workspace. The Audext Editor offers tools like find-and-replace, highlighting, comment features, etc.

  • An Easy-to-use User Interface

Audext Transcription Services are as easy as they come. Our layouts and functions are simple to understand and operate. Moments after login, you’ll be able to transcribe your files.

Why do research firms need to use research interviews?

Information remains the rock of companies and it is on it that continuity of the world depends. We cannot overemphasize the importance of research. But, it is more important to acknowledge the interview as a great method of doing research. Qualitative research gives reserach assistants and research professors access to raw facts and data.


How To Use Audext Research Transcription Services

With Audext Transcription services, research has never been easier. You can do your transcription in less than seven steps. 

For Automatic Transcription Services

  • Register and log into your Audext account. 
  • From your dashboard, choose your billing method: Subscription or Per-minute basis. 
  • Drag-and-drop to upload your audio/video recording. 
  • Choose your language and dialects, then tag the speakers. 
  • Initiate the transcription process. 
  • Edit your transcript in the in-house Audext Editor. 
  • Download the transcript in text or docs format. 

For Professional Transcription Services



Audext Transcription Services For Research and Consulting Firms

We present the Audext Enterprise Plan for research and consulting firms. We’ll tailor our services to match your business needs. 

  • You immediately get free 5 hours of premium transcription.
  • Custom pricing with inviting discounts. 
  • 24/7 expert support. 
  • Access to free in-house editing and sharing software. 

Give Audext a try today. Set up an account now and allow us to make research easier for you. 

Audext FAQ
How to convert research interviews to text?
To transcribe research interviews to text you can use Audext automated audio to text converter. The process is pretty simple:
- Log in (or Sign Up) to your account;
- Click "New Upload" and send your file to cloud transcription;
- Edit the text (if needed) and download the transcript of your lecture.
How much does it cost to transcribe interviews in qualitative research?
The research transcription cost starts from $5 per hour with the subscription;
from $12 without transcription. We also offer discounts for bulk orders (at least 10 hours)
How can I change my transcription?
If you need to edit your transcripts of interviews please go to your dashboard and press "edit" near the transcribed file. The in-built editor highlights the active word, finds & replaces the feature, and many more.
Do you give any discounts for research and development firms?
Yes, we offer special enterprise plan for research and development firms, please contact us at team@audext.com to learn more. Also, we offer discounts to everyone for bulk orders (at least 10 hours of transcription), check our pricing page.
Is it possible to transcribe video research interviews?
Yes, it is. Since Audext supports various file formats, even if it is a video interview. You can transcribe these video file formats - AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, WEBM.