Features of Audext

Audio Formats You Can Transcribe here.

Audext supports a wide range of audio file formats for transcription

As we want to make it very convenient to use, Audext supports various file formats that include:

Rest assured, you can always convert your audio file if the current file format is not supported by Audext. Also, although we don’t limit the size of file that you upload to our service, if you need to upload files that are larger than 500 MB, please keep in mind that it can take much longer and you’ll need a stable Internet connection.

How can you improve the quality of your audio recordings?

When you need to record in a noisy setting or the microphone is positioned wrongly or giving issues, the quality of your audio recording will be low. Other factors like echoes, muffled voices and wind can also result in low-quality recordings.

In other words, a low-quality audio recording typically has a lot of distracting noises or issues with volume. You as well as the transcription software service will find it difficult to make sense of a low-quality audio recording which will affect the accuracy of the transcription.

Bad quality example

So, if possible, try to record indoors and reduce the background noise even further by keeping windows closed and switching off machinery. It’s even better if you can record in a sound booth.

Also, be sure to remind your speakers to speak slowly and clearly and place the recording device in the middle between all of the speakers. It’s best to invest in an external microphone as the built-in ones can’t guarantee the best quality and will record too many undesirable sounds.

Good quality example

As the quality of your audio is so important, try to create a test recording first. This is even more important if you’re using recording equipment for the first time or recording in an unfamiliar setting. Simply make a short recording and listen to your audio with headphones before you start with your actual recording.

We trust that Audext will save you time and money. So, leave your next transcription project to Audext!