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Automatic Transcription

Audext is an automated transcription service and editing tool that helps you transcribe audio online by combining a media-player and a text editor.

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Why use automatic transcription?

Audext is automated transcription service and editing tool that helps you transcribe audio online by combining a media-player and a text editor. It works by analyzing an audio recording second-by-second, determining what word is said at each second, and saves each word into a transcript of the audio recording.

  • Audext transcribes an hour of audio in 10 minutes
  • The cost for 1 hour starts from $5
  • Speaker identification
  • Timestamping
  • Internal editor
  • 60+ languages available for the transcription
  • Data privacy
  • Transcription of high-quality audios without background noise

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How can Audext transcription software be useful for you

Audext is created for everyone to transcribe audio: writers, lawyers and academics, whether your activity is professional or not.

Journalist icon Journalist

take interviews in different locations and conditions be fully prepared with Audext

Interviewer icon Interviewer

use our interactive editor to transcribe a press conference just in few minutes

Podcaster icon Podcaster

get episode transcripts for a great SEO boost of your blog with the easy-to-learn interface

Student icon Student

transcribe your lecture speech notes into convenient text format. Easily reference what your professor said in your recordings

How to Use Automatic Transcription?

To use Audext automated audio transcription service, follow these steps:

Step 1: Register in our automatic audio transcription software
Step 2: Buy hours or buy a subscription directly from your dashboard
Step 3: Upload your file
Step 4: Choose the language or accent and enter speakers’ name
Step 5: Let the transcription process takes its time
Step 6: Edit your transcription in our internal editor
Step 7: Download your file in .docs or .txt format

Text and timing results are generated on-the-fly as audio transcription is being processed. Users can review and edit results as they come into their Audext project at dashboard.

Your privacy and security are very important to us. All uploaded files are stored securely, are used exclusively for automatic audio transcription and can be deleted manually or after a time limit.


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Why Convert Audio to Text Automatically?

The process of transcribing an audio record into text usually takes a lot of time, if you do it yourself. On average, an hour-long audio file requires three hours of manual transcription.

Get results fast. Audext automated audio transcription standard is 0.13:1 ratio. It will take our program 10 minutes to transcribe an hour of audio.

We strive to make voice content usable. Automatic voice transcription will allow you to pay more attention to details, be creative and turn the generated text into high-quality content. Leave the transcription to automatic transcription app and focus on work and leisure.

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