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MP3 to Text

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Convert MP3 file to Text Automatically

MP3 file is one of the most popular compressed audio formats that give you a small file size and decent audio file quality. Furthermore, it is supported by most (if not all) audio players.

Either you want to transcribe lectures or convert voice recordings of casual conversations with fast Audext software you can convert MP3 to text online in minutes.

Audext conversion of an hour of speech in the MP3 audio format on average takes less than 10 minutes!

How to Use MP3 to Text Converter Online

Before researchers and journalists had to face a challenge of automatic transcription MP3 to text all by themselves. Today, there is a more efficient way of getting the necessary text file format from your audio recording. It is called Audext.

The MP3 file conversion process in Audext is user-friendly and convenient. You are able to edit the text results file on the same page where you upload your MP3 for conversion. Moreover, it is possible to edit it at your own pace and download the ready version of the text file.

Automatic transcription is a challenge most researchers will face at some stage of their qualitative research. If you’re dealing with hours of recorded interviews or focus groups it can be a thorny one.

While transcribing your own data can bring significant analytical benefits (get close and personal with the material), it may not be practical for everyone. Especially if you’re time-strapped, can’t transcribe your speech notes to text manually or just have a low tedium threshold. Here is where you need to convert MP3 to text as fast as possible!

When a journalist is carrying out fieldwork, it’s important to record every word of your respondents’ answers. In terms of why it is important to convert your interviews MP3 audio to text, there are a few reasons.

When you are conducting interviews, it does free you up to listen. So that all you really need to focus on is taking notes and pay attention to the person you are speaking to. The best Audext MP3 to text converter online is here to help you with the following stages of your interviewing work – transcribing your recording to text online.

Why Should You Try Audext MP3 to Text Transcription Software Online?

MP3 file transcripts are searchable: Having the podcasts transcribed means the owner can generate a huge amount of traffic to the website since the text becomes searchable for the reader. 

People are likely to stumble upon the transcribed podcasts while browsing the web related to contents which the podcasts deliver. The search engines would pick up keywords. MP3 audio file recordings of the show, however, are not searchable, but transcripts very much are.

Can be used as a blog content: It may be that podcaster is not able to decide on what to place on the blog. MP3 audio to text automatic transcription can be copy-pasted and instantly turned into a new blog post, with no additional efforts. 

One can also use Audext audio to text converter online for creating newsletter content for the subscribers or numerous short articles within a short period of time.

Since there is a huge scope of benefits, using Audext app MP3 to text converter online is worth the time-consuming effort. It can save you not only time but also a lot of money.

How Do I Transcribe MP3 to Text File from My Cell Phone?

There are various ways to use an automatic MP3 speech to text tool.

1. Connect your smartphone to a PC or laptop and transfer MP3 file physically. You can also simply send your audio files by email, Gmail, or Bluetooth

Another way is saving them to Google Drive, or uploading them to the online MP3 to text converter directly, using your mobile browser.

2. Upload your MP3 recording from your Android or iOS device directly to Audext Cloud Editor.

Audext works correctly on both desktop and mobile devices, so you don’t have to worry if you need to convert MP3 speech to text fast and PC is nowhere to be found. Audext got you covered!

3. Wait a few seconds while Audext transcribes your file.

4. Edit the transcription if it’s needed.

5. Download your transcription.

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