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Use Audext corporate transcription software to save time and money

Every day your business creates new content. Whether it’s customer calls, minutes of meetings, presentations, or conference calls, you need a way to save all this valuable data. You can use someone who can transcribe these audio/video recordings into a text file format manually, but it can cost a lot. What’s more, this route is very time-consuming too! Why waste precious time when there’s affordable audio transcription software that’s been designed for the job?

Corporate transcription services ensure that you have a written copy of all these conversations so that you can access it again quickly when needed. You never know when your company will need quick and professional voice-to-text software.

If your company is searching for a cost-effective way to convert your audio/video files to text format, check out the Audext audio-to-text online conversion tool. It’ll help you to get your recording as a text file in just a matter of minutes.

How To Complete Corporate Transcription With Audext Transcription Software

While most businesses are versed in recording presentations, meetings, etc., only a few know how to convert their recordings to text format should they need to access it at a later stage.

Audio transcription services are the perfect answer!

Within a matter of a couple of minutes, you can easily get the desired text format of your recordings.

Luckily, using a state-of-the-art tool for audio file transcription is oh-so-easy! All you have to do is upload the audio file that you wish to transcribe to the Audext dashboard. By opting for Audext, you can even convert voice recordings to text file format with the help of only your smartphone.

Alternatively, you can also send your audio files via email. This way they’ll be saved to your Google Drive cloud storage. You can then use your browser to convert an audio file to a text format.

How to Use Audext Corporate Transcription Services?

Audext’s corporate transcription for your business has many advantages in store. It can help you to solve several problems and complete time-consuming tasks.

In fact, there are a couple of reasons why businesses choose to use Audext for their corporate transcription, ranging from more serious matters such as legal purposes to simpler routine tasks such as staff training.

Audext will help you to boost your security. Now you can safely store valuable data, like decisions that were reached via a Skype conference call, on record.

By opting to get your meetings transcribed, your business will also get a fuller context of what was said to avoid misunderstandings. While minutes can be a useful tool, it’s simply not sufficient as crucial information can be left out.

To use Audext automated audio transcription service, follow these steps:

Step 1: Register in our automatic audio transcription software
Step 2: Buy hours or buy a subscription directly from your dashboard
Step 3: Upload your file
Step 4: Choose the language or accent and enter speakers’ name
Step 5: Let the transcription process takes its time
Step 6: Edit your transcription in our internal editor
Step 7: Download your file in .docs or .txt format

Every company needs to have effective systems for organizing and filtering their content. Audext transcription service is one of the most cost-effective ways to save and organize your important data so that you can share it with your staff, customers and stakeholders.

When you use Audext to transcribe your video and/or audio files, specific information or quotes can be looked up easily for future reference, helping your business to improve and streamline its communication processes.

Not only will it help you with many internal processes, but converting your audio files into text format might even be able to improve your SEO and boost your company’s online presence!

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