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Is your audiovisual content not attracting enough traffic yet? The answer could be as simple as to transcribe your videos to text.

By going the extra mile (or more accurately taking a few extra minutes), you can improve your search ranking, boost your online presence and reach a bigger audience. In short, if you include more text, Google and other search engines have more data helping them to crawl and index your website better.

You can also use the MP4 to text transcript and transform it into a blog post which will help you to add even more text to help the search engines.

Common Reasons To Convert MP4 To Text

And, if you’re not swayed by the marketing potential, consider this: millions of people across the globe who are struggling with hearing disabilities depend on transcriptions. The only way that they might be able to access your content is if you share transcriptions. 

In fact, an MP4 transcription service might even be able to help you avoid any legal issues relating to disability discrimination legislation.

Even people without any hearing impairments will thank you for adding subtitles to your video content. They might be in a public place and don’t have earphones to listen to your video. 

So, in many instances, users actually prefer to mute the sound when watching videos on Facebook and other popular social media platforms. If you add subtitles to your video, your audience will still be able to “hear” your message.

How to Convert MP4 to Text?

If you want to transcribe MP4 to text, you have three options. You can do it yourself, pay a professional transcriptionist to complete it manually for you or you can use an online transcription tool. 

You might be tempted to tackle it as a DIY project, but don’t be fooled. If you want to convert it manually, you will have to replay your MP4 file a few times. This can become very time-consuming (and tedious), even more so if you need to include timestamps so that you can use the text as subtitles.

So, using the services of a professional transcriptionist is an attractive option, but why pay more if an online tool can deliver the same results for less?

You can, for example, use Audext to convert your MP4s to text format. It’s really simple!

1. Upload the MP4 file that you want to convert to text. There’s more than one way that you can convert your files via your smartphone:

2. Click to send your MP4 video/audio to Audext’s cloud editor.

3. If editing is required, use the tools offered by Audext to review and change your transcript whenever it suits you.

4. Export your final text to DOC or TXT file format.

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Audext FAQ
Can I Transcribe Video With Audext?
Yes, you can transcribe following video formats using Audext:
— OGG video (ogv);
— M4V;
— MP4;
— WMV;
— MOV;
— 3gp.
We add more formats with each system update, you can see the current list of all available formats here.
For more on how to convert video to text using Audext read this article from our blog.
How To Convert MP4 File To Word Document?
To transcribe MP4 video/audio file to text using Audext software you need to follow just a couple easy steps:
1. Sign up or log in to your account;
2. Click “New Upload” button;
3. Drag & drop your audio file (in one of the following formats) and click “Upload”
4. Enter the names of the speakers (optionally) and click “Submit”;
5. Edit the transcript of the MP4 file and download it in TXT or DOCX text format
How To Get Started With Audext?
It takes only 3 main steps to start using Audext:
Step 1: Sign up to Audext here. You can make it faster by signing up with your Google account.
Step 2: Upload your audio/video file in one of the available formats and click the “Submit” button.
Step 3: Get the text transcription of your audio file in DOC or TXT format.
How Secure Is My Transcription?
Audext transcription software is fully automated, hence your transcript is confidential and the process has no place for the human-factor and other risks that manual transcription has. The AI-powered platform does all the transcription work, but it’s you who has all the control over the content. You can edit or delete your audio and transcripts from your dashboard at any time.
How Much Does Transcription Cost?
The price for Audext transcription starts from $10.90 per hour. To see more of our pricing options, visit this page. Or contact us to discuss the custom plan that will match your needs.

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