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Use a speech to text converter to transcribe files automatically


Before people spent hours to transcribe their speech recordings to text format. Now, you can do this within minutes or even seconds, depending on how long your audio is.

An automatic transcription software has been designed with the aim to help you to save valuable time and energy. Moreover, you may need to stop the recording several times if something distracts your attention. Nothing can prevent Audext convert speech to text online tool from doing its job on the top level.

There is no journalist or blogger who doesn’t record speech for further transcription. With the help of Audext conversion program, it is as easy as ABC.


Voice To Text Converter Online: Forget About Manual Transcription And All That Fuss Using Audext Software

There is no person who wouldn’t agree that recording speech is a convenient and fast way to store information. But it is not always possible to listen to those voice recordings in the process of finding the needed pieces of information. It may be either the wrong place or the wrong time for this. Perhaps, you need to check the name of a particular speaker or find what year some event took place. You may need to listen to 30 min speech to find the necessary information.

Time is money and nobody wants to waste it. Audext is one of the tools that can help you to save tour time and manage your resources effectively. 

Next time when you need to check what your interviewee answered or what your college professor asked to draw attention to, use a readable version. It is easy enough getting it with the help of speech to text software.

If you need the text version of your speech file, do it right away via Audext. Accurate conversion of voice recording is what you are going to get, besides avoiding a headache. Spend less time for voice conversion and devote more time to learning important information from the audio file.

When Using Speech to Text Software Is Coming Handy?

Recording audio instead of typing is a great way to stay concentrated and focus on this new information. Any person may need to use speech recording instead of making notes. But wouldn’t it was even better if you have both speech and text versions? Of course, speech notes can help you express your thoughts and encourage your creativity. Though combined with a voice transcription online your notes become an effective and convenient way of keeping information.

So, in the future, when you experience the need to review those speech notes, there they are! You will have your speech turned into TXT or DOC file where you can even highlight some facts or names that might be useful later on.

For example, it is faster to check lectures in text format when preparing for the exam than to listen to the audio. It is due to the fact that you may need to return to some point several times. Not only students will enjoy the pros of using speech to text converter. Online voice conversion might be a handy tool for bloggers and journalists as well.

Convert Speech to Text Online with Audext: Key Benefits You Will Enjoy

Any person, whose profession supposes working in a fast manner, conducting research, interviewing staff, etc. will benefit from the use of Audext tool for online voice to text conversion. The best online speech to text software will help you avoid typos and other mistakes. While using Audext, it is easy to stay focused while editing online. This innovative software has been designed to boost your productivity. 


You will be able to spend minutes on the conversion process and have more time for editing end results. The tool offers accurate online voice recognition. All changes to transcription will be saved automatically by the program. The whole transcribing process is as simple that even a kid of five could understand it. After you are done with editing, just export your file in either TXT or DOC format to your PC.


Our advantages

The high-quality voice to text transcription app is at your disposal

  • Easy-to-use even for inexperienced users
  • Provides a chance to use a free trial option
  • Is fast and effective
  • Recognizes speakers accurately
  • Has a high editing speed
  • Can transcribe files from almost any type of audio to DOC (TXT) formats


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