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Convert your voice files in less than 10 minutes using an automatic transcription tool

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Use A Speech To Text Converter To Transcribe Audio Files

Before people spent hours to transcribe their speech recordings to text format manually. Now, you can do this within minutes or even seconds, depending on the length of your audio recording.

An automatic transcription software has been designed with the aim to help you to save valuable time and energy. Moreover, while transcribing manually you may need to stop the recording several times if something distracts your attention. But Audext converts speech to text online with no distractions.

Audext transcription tool does its job on the top-level automatically without extra fuss. There is no journalist or blogger who doesn’t record speech for further transcription. With the help of the Audext speech to text conversion, it is as easy as ABC.

Voice To Text Converter Online: Forget Manual Transcription And Use Audext Software

There is no person who wouldn’t agree that recording speech is a convenient and fast way to store information. But it is not always possible to listen to those voice recordings in the process of finding the needed pieces of information. You may need to listen to 20 min of speech to find the necessary information.

Time is money and nobody wants to waste it. Audext is one of the tools that can help you to save time and manage your resources effectively. 

If you need the text version of your speech file, do it right away via Audext. Spend less time on manual voice conversion and devote more time to learning important information from the audio file.

When Using Speech to Text Software Is Coming Handy?

Speech notes can help you express your thoughts and encourage your creativity. Though combined with a voice transcription online your notes become an effective and convenient way of keeping information.

With Audext you will have your speech turned into TXT or DOC file in no time. And having a text file where you can highlight some facts or names that might be useful later on becomes a great advantage.

How to convert speech to text?

  1. Make sure your audio quality is good.
  2. Log in to your Audext account.
  3. Upload the audio file.
  4. Wait a few minutes.
  5. Download the transcription.

Convert Speech to Text Online with Audext: Key Benefits You Will Enjoy

Any person, whose profession supposes working in a fast manner, conducting research, interviewing staff, etc. will benefit from the use of the Audext tool for online voice to text conversion. The best online speech to text software will help you avoid typos and other mistakes.            

You will be able to spend minutes on the conversion process and have more time for editing results. Audext transcription tool offers accurate online voice recognition. All changes to transcription will be saved automatically by the program. After you are done editing the transcript, just export your file in either TXT or DOC format to your PC.

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Audext FAQ
How to convert speech to text?
Here you can find a full guide on how to convert speech to text.
In short, all you need to do is:
  1. Login to Audext account;
  2. Upload your speech recording;
  3. Download the text transcript in a preferable format (either txt or doc).
How to turn on speech to text on android?
To turn on the speech-to-text feature on Android device follow these steps:
  1. Open “Settings” menu;
  2. Tap “Languages & input” (on some devices it may come as “Languages & keyboard”);
  3. Tap “Virtual keyboards”
  4. Then, tap “Manage keyboards”
  5. And finally, tap on “Google Voice Typing” to enable the speech-to-text feature.
How to use speech to text on Mac?
To enable build-in Mac feature of voice typing you can follow these steps:
  1. Click on Apple menu (at the top of the screen)
  2. Find and select “System Preferences”
  3. Click on “Dictation & Speech” icon and make sure “Dictation” is enabled (set to “On”)
  4. Open a new text file and click on the “Edit” menu
  5. Find and select “Start Dictation”
  6. When you finish just click on the “Done” button.
Also, you can try speech to text feature of Audext here. It works on any device as it’s a web-based AI-powered tool that can turn your speech into text in the blink of an eye.
How to use speech to text on Google Docs?
For more information on speech to text features of Google Docs read our article. To use this option in Google Docs follow these steps:
  1. If you’re using Google Chrome, you can go to Tools in your Google Doc and select the “Voice typing” option;
  2. Then, click on the microphone icon and make sure you give Chrome permission to use your system’s microphone;
  3. Start speaking (make sure your pace is normal, as it may affect the clarity);
  4. To stop the recording click on the microphone icon once again.
How much does transcription cost?
The transcription cost starts from $5 per hour with the subscription; from $12 without subscription. We also offer discounts for bulk orders (at least 10 hours). Visit our pricing page to know more or contact us to discuss the custom plan that will match your needs.
How long does Audext transcription take?
0.35:1 is an “Audext automated standart” to evaluate the transcription speed of our service. In other words, it will take 21 minutes of transcription process to convert 1 hour of audio to text with Audext.

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