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Transcription Services

Audext provides our clients with the best manual and automated transcription service

Automatic Transcription

$5 per hour
60+ languages available
80% accuracy
  • Accurate for clear audio
  • Receive an hour of audio fully transcribed in 10 minutes
  • Timestamping
  • Speaker identification

100% Professional Transcription

$1.2 per minute
100% native speakers
99% accuracy
  • Accurate for all audio
  • Receive full professional transcription in 2 days
  • Timestamping
  • Speaker identification

GET YOUR VOICE recording to text

Forget wasting hours transcribing audio manually — endlessly repeating the same 30 seconds of the recording, cursing people’s inability to speak in full sentences. There’s finally an automated online transcribing solution – Audext.

Our service is intended for people who cannot easily type or who prefer to dictate speech notes, but you can also use it to cut the time it takes to transcribe an audio recording down to nearly the same time as the recording itself. Basically, you listen to the recording (either on your phone or computer) via earphones and speak the recording out loud as you listen.

It’s free, easy, and requires no fancy downloads, endless registrations. Just upload the audio and start transcribing it to text online.

Moreover, Audext provides its clients with professional transcription services online, so if you need your transcription to be 99% accurate – you can entrust your audio materials to our professional transcribers who are always native speakers.

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The use of manual transcription

Professional transcription will be useful for everyone who needs perfect results without spelling and grammar mistakes. Audext offers the following:

  • Errors-free transcription created by native speakers
  • Competitive price on the market
  • Transcription delivery within 1-3 days
  • Many audio formats available
  • Free timestamping
  • Multiple speakers option
  • The possibility to transcribe audio materials with background noise
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Audext is a smart audio transcriber that helps convert your voice records into text and provides it in a convenient format for editing. Also, Audext is human transcription software that cooperates with 50 000+ transcribers worldwide.

Our best specialists worked on Audext transcription software development, which guarantees the high quality of the provided services. This is a convenient solution for handling any voice records transcription:

What do you need to know to transcribe audio voice recording into text?

First, you need to provide audio recording in the proper format for transcription; it can be MP3, WAV and others.

How does the transcription of the voice recording into the text occur?

Before converting voice from a dictaphone to text, Audext automated transcription software recognizes voices, detects the presence of additional noises, and, finally, transcribes! In the case of human transcription - Audext gives the task to professional transcribers then proofreads and edits the transcription and delivers it to the customer.

Transcribing voice recording into the text is no longer a complicated and time-consuming task. Uploading your voice record into Audext automated transcription service or professional transcription service - you will get your transcription done without effort.

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Automatically convert audio to text free

Our online transcription app will be useful for students, listeners and participants of seminars who want to convert a recorded lecture or speech notes to text with maximum speed and convenience.

Investigators who need to postpone the interrogation to paper, court clerks, and doctors will appreciate the time and effort saved for the documentation. All because automatic online audio transcriber Audext offers the following:

  • Automatic voice recognition at a high level.
  • Playing audio and text editing areas are in the same browser window.
  • The most popular WAV and MP3 audio formats are supported, as well as others.
  • Recognition of the selected audio fragments.
  • Controlling playback with convenient switches.
  • Economical solution for each user.
  • Automatic voice recognition at a high level.
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We created Audext to make it easier for you to work with audio records transcription

  • Easy upload & export Upload your file in seconds. Multiple options to export files
  • Text editor Not only you get transcribed audio in minutes, you can edit text without leaving Audext
  • Multiple billing options Either you want to convert only 1 hour of audio, or plan to have recurring tasks, we got you covered

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