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There are various reasons you might want to transcribe WAV files to text, but not all solutions on the market offering automatic WAV to text transcription app.

The converted WAV audio to text is easily readable and understandable when compared to that you need to listen to the whole to analyze or find the needed piece of information.

With Audext WAV to text converter online, you can do it faster than anywhere else – on average it takes less than 10 minutes to convert WAV to text online even if your audio file contains 1 hour of speech!



What is WAV format, also known as .wav format? Wav or WAVE is short for Waveform Audio File Format. The extension for WAVE files is .wav, that’s why it’s simply referred to as WAV format. Wav is mainly a windows file format and though it can contain compressed audio, it is mainly used for uncompressed audio recordings. MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) is a compressed audio format with very small file size (about twelfth of the original size) while providing near CD-quality audio.

Record your qualitative research interviews in uncompressed WAV format so that you can have the best quality audio for analyzing purposes. You can record your interviews straight to a compressed MP3 format, but it is a good rule of thumb to keep your speech recordings in several formats for different purposes that might come up in the future. Maybe you’ll want to perform a conversational analysis or create a full verbatim transcription of WAV to text.

Here you may need to convert WAV to TXT online. The disadvantage of WAV voice files is their relatively large size, they are cumbersome to share with a freelance transcriber that provides manual interview transcription services. Feel free of worries about that. With Audext, you can transcribe WAV files to text directly.

Reasons Behind Using Audext to Convert WAV to TXT Online

Text transcripts are always a comfortable and easy way when the person is seeking to publish the same content on the web. It measures the best beneficial standards to post WAV audio files as text to RSS feeds, posting to blogs, groups, websites as well as forums.

Why should you convert WAV to text online? 

Concerning matters of website optimization advanced search engine robots understand text formats much better than the audio. It can help blog and podcast owners in getting higher rankings for their content along with keyword specifications. Transcribe WAV file to text and include this transcription to the blog platform or podcast as a separate piece of content. WAVE to text transcription makes the content easier for the perception of the reader.

Creating products from transcripts: When the individual has few WAV to text transcripts on the same topic, then it is essential to have it in the form of an e-book. It creates a nice opportunity for revenue for the person and more possible ways towards generative revenue and passive income from the podcast.

Attracting a huge audience: Although there are many people who prefer watching a video or listening to the audio, there are still many who prefer reading the text version. They might not have an hour or even 30 minutes to devote to the listening of the WAV file. Especially when reading this same content can take just half the time. Also, they may prefer printing transcripts of the WAV file to text for highlighting key points or go back and go through it. WAV to text converter online is going to be helpful for this purpose.

Reference: While having a handful of podcasts, the individual may remember saying something, but is not able to remember as to which show was it. It could cause the person to spend a few hours trying to find the exact time for spotting in the audio so that a reference can be made. By using WAV to text converter online you get a text that can be searched in no time.


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