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Study effectively with the easy-to-learn interface and learn how to transcribe lectures to text with Audext.

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Are you a student struggling to get every detail of every lecture?

While a few students find it easy to follow the course, it might get challenging to grasp the study’s content. This isn’t good on every account and needs to be fixed.

All students are equipped with knowledge and information. And for sure, there are some challenges that come with it – this is dependent on Audext.

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Why Audext?

Audext college transcript software is the go-to mechanism for your transcription. Why? Because it makes learning easy for students in colleges. Students can record every lecture and leave it to Audext to transcribe lectures to text format.

How it works

Our advantages

Convert audio to text in a matter of minutes
to provide an affordable transcript of your podcast.

Why Educational Institutions Need Lecture Transcription Software?

Educational institutions must believe in the diversity and individuality of their students. Students can be more equipped when they can learn at their own pace. Why don’t we use lecture transcription software to help fit into the pace of learning?

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To get the best of education, students need to understand the information provided. To get all the students infromed, this mechanism must be designed for use.

This is how Audext manifests!

Audext provides and easy way to learn without missing out on any useful information in the classroom. Hence, your brain can work.

Convert audio to text with Audext!

How Can Students Use Audio to Text Transcription Services?

Every student needs to study effectively, and Audext makes it easier. All the classes online can be recorder and converted from mp3 to text for further studying.

It supports almost all types of audio formats. Whether recorder in MP3, MP4, WAV, M4A and other formats – you will receive top-quality lecture transcription in a couple of minutes. We don’t limit the size of the files that you upload to our service.

All you need to do is:

Voila! The transcription has started and will be ready in a couple of minutes!


Just in 5-7 minutes, you’ll have your lecture transcript without much stress. Once you have your transcribed file, you will be able to access it through your dashboard. Use our interactive cloud editor to make your transcript better.


Audext transcription services is among the essential transcription apps for college students. Audext audio to text converter is a go to of thousands students for transcribing audio to text for free.

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Audext FAQ
How to convert lectures to text?
To transcribe lectures to text you can use Audext automated audio to text converter. The process is pretty simple:
- Log in (or Sign Up) to your account;
- Click "New Upload" and send your file to cloud transcription;
- Edit the text (if needed) and download the transcript of your lecture.
How much does it cost to transcribe lectures?
The lecture transcription costs starts from $5 per hour with the subscription; from $12 without subscription. We also offer discounts for bulk orders (at least 10 hours)
How can I change my transcription?
If you need to edit your transcribed lecture please go to your dashboard and press "edit" near the transcribed file. The in-built editor highlights the active word, finds & replaces the feature, and many more.
Do you give any discounts for organizations/universities?
Yes, we offer special enterprise plan for universities and educational organizations, please contact us at team@audext.com to learn more. Also, we offer discounts to everyone for bulk orders (at least 10 hours of transcription), check our pricing page.
Is it possible to transcribe video lessons?
Yes, it is. Since Audext supports various file formats, even if it is a video lecture. You can transcribe these video file formats - AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, WEBM.