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Audext Video-To-Text Transcription Software

Countless media files get added to the Internet every hour. Whether it’s a webinar, the scene from an all-time favorite movie, presentation, or lecture, you might need to convert a video to text at some point.

Perhaps you have to use the content as notes to study for an exam? Or, maybe you want to set your site apart by adding transcriptions alongside?

When you want to convert video content to text, you can either rely on your own skill and complete it manually or you can leave the job to the Audext transcription tool.

How To Convert Video To Text With Audext In 3 Easy Steps

Though, truth be told, the first approach is not straightforward at all. By opting to do it manually, you will have to watch it a couple of times while you try to write down what you hear. 

So, why take on an intricate task when you can instead use an affordable tool that can change video to text much faster and at a fraction of the price?

If you’ve been looking for quick ways to transcribe video to text, try Audext! 

This online video transcription software will quickly and easily convert the following video formats: M4V, MP4, WMV, MOV, and 3gp.  

Not many people know that there’s a very easy way to convert videos to text. Most think transcription services are only meant for corporate use. However, in a couple of minutes, you can get your clips in text file format too.

What’s more, it’s so simple. Literally, like 123:

  1. You enter your dashboard (by signing up or log in)
  2. You upload the files that you would like to convert to Audext
  3. You press “Submit”

And that’s it – you have the results that you can easily edit and download. 

Advantages Of Audext Video Transcription Services

While Audext’s video transcription can help you to complete a very time-consuming (and tedious) job, it can also actually help you to make your website better.

Websites that opt to include a transcript of their video content benefit from better user engagement and a boost in traffic. After all, this makes complete sense as adding more text to your website makes it more searchable for Google and other search engines as well as visitors.

Website visitors also find that the user experience is better when transcripts have been included. For example, if you have a lot of educational videos, including a transcript makes it less challenging for some to assimilate the content. 

Every website will welcome more quality traffic and a better ranking. Audext offers users one of the most straightforward ways to climb those rankings and boost online presence with AI-powered video to text transcription.

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