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Are you trying to transcribe German audio into text manually? It can be time-consuming and frustrating. If you employ someone to do it for you, you will likely have to pay heavily. What is the solution?  

Fret not. Audext is an intelligent online service that can help to transcribe German speech into text.. With our German translation audio to text app, we can save you from five hours of manual and laborious transcription.

Audext German transcription software will make sure that you have a documented copy of German conversations for future references.

Here are some of the powerful features of this German speech to text translation service.

How it works
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How To Use German Voice Translation

It is easy to use our speech to text German transcription services. Follow the steps below.

Register Your Account on Audext

The major thing that you need to do is to create an account first. Navigate to our official website and click on the “Sign Up” icon in the upper right corner.

You can either sign up with Google or your email address. Then, provide your name and set up a good password. If you already have an account on our German automatic transcription website, choose the “Login” option instead.

Upload Your Audio File to Our Platform

With the Audext German transcription system, you can upload your file from any device. It could be your phone, desktop computer, or laptop. The uploading will be quick if you have a strong and stable internet connection.

Note that the maximum file size that our system can accept is 200MB. Our German voice translator system supports most of the audio file formats that people use daily. They include:

Our system can convert any of the six audio formats above into .txt or .docx format.

Identify the Speakers

Load in the names of the speakers into our system. This way, Audext will be able to label the portion of speech associated with the appropriate speaker.

Choose the German Language

Our powerful speech to text German translation system uses efficient algorithms that can identify several languages. It is essential to be specific about the language that you need to transcribe. In this case, Select the German language for transcription.

Hold On for A Short Time While the File Gets Transcribed

Once you have uploaded the German audio file, the conversion process begins. Audext will only take a few minutes to transcribe the speech into text.

Edit The Text Result with Audext Internal Editor

Once the conversion is complete, use a little time to brush up on the text file. Our German transcription system uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms. When you make changes, Audext will note these adjustments for the sake of the accuracy of future transcriptions.

Download your File

You can download the text file for your transcription immediately. From this point, you can choose to convert it into PDF, DOCX., or any other desired format.

If your system shuts down by any means, you don’t need to be anxious about file recovery. Audext stores your results in the browser cache directly.

Why Use Speech to Text German Translation Services

Why choose Audext? Of course, You have several options for German translation audio to text services. There are web freelancers that can do it for you at cheap rates. However, the assurance of a high-quality result is low. You could listen to the audio by yourself and type or write every sentence line by line.

However, the time and stress you will face won’t be worth it. There is even a chance to give your job to a specialized company filled with German transcription experts. Chances are you will pay a hefty amount at the expense of your time. These are the reasons why you should utilize Audext’s speech to text German translation service.

This app will save time and effort while producing accurate results. With its state of art machine learning algorithms, Audext can achieve the following advantages.

Our advantages

We support
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