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Audext is a transcription and editing tool that helps you transcribe audio online by combining a media-player and a text editor. It works by analyzing an audio recording second-by-second, determining what word is said at each second, and saves each word into a transcript of the audio recording. Once completed, a collection of words that the machine understood will be returned.



  • 1Upload your audio in your Audext dashboard.
  • 2Click to send the audio stream to the Audext cloud editor.
  • 3The timed transcript immediately starts downloading into your project on-the-fly.
  • 4Clear Audext tools help you efficiently review and edit the results any convenient time.
  • 5That is all! Export final text file in TXT or DOC format.

Text and timing results are generated on-the-fly as audio transcription is being processed. Users can review and edit results as they come into their Audext project at dashboard.

Your privacy and security are very important to us. All uploaded files are stored securely, are used exclusively for transcription and can be deleted manually or after a time limit.

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Are you looking for quick and qualitative audio to text transformation? See how easily you can transcribe any type of voice recording in just a few minutes!


Audext is created for everyone to transcribe audio: writers, lawyers and academics, whether your activity is professional or not.



take interviews in different locations and conditions be fully prepared with Audext.



use our interactive editor to transcribe a press conference just in few minutes



get episode transcripts for a great SEO boost of your blog with the easy-to-learn interface



transcribe your lecture speech notes into convenient text format. Easily reference what your professor said in your recordings

1Journalist 2Interviewer 3Podcaster 4Student
take interviews in different locations and conditions be fully prepared with Audext. use our interactive editor to transcribe a press conference just in few minutes get episode transcripts for a great SEO boost of your blog with the easy-to-learn interface transcribe your lecture speech notes into convenient text format. Easily reference what your professor said in your recordings

Transcribe Your Audio Files To Text For Everyday Use

There is a solution that will significantly speed up and facilitate the transcription of audio file to text. Audext online transcription app is designed to convert audio files to text in a few minutes. It converts voice recording to text transcription, no matter what kind of activity you do:

  • Concentrate on listening to the candidate, ask questions that interest you. Now there is no need to write down the answers and interrupt the speaker. Keep an audio recording on and transcribe it in a couple of minutes. Audext also reduces the time you spend on analyzing recorded interviews.
  • The record of the court session is an integral component of the judicial process. Legal transcribers can find the necessary information with Audext online tool. Convert voice records from court sessions or auditions to text to operate data quickly and efficiently. Edit and save your transcribed work files with permanent and secure access.
  • Are you a student? Audext transcription software can help you concentrate on the results. Get better context of lectures by transcribing professor`s voice recording to text file while studying. Jump over the text to find the necessary piece of recording.
    There is also a solution for students who find writing process tedious. Express your thoughts and ideas aloud, transcribe these audio files to text. You will only have to make the necessary changes with the help of a convenient Audext editor before downloading your text transcript.
  • Coaches also can save time with Audext. When preparing a report for a webinar or a speech just transcribe it from the voice recording to text for free. Audext can completely replace manual work when transcribing recorded speech online.
  • Do you sell? Often business issues are resolved in a telephone mode. Though there is a chance to miss important details after the call. Always be up to date and transcribe call recording to text everywhere. Organize an effective system for processing clients` requests, reviews and calls to the support department by transcribing them into text. Use transcribed audio files to improve both: the level of customer service and optimize the supervision process.
  • Being a doctor means, apart from treatment, to create medical records. Voice typing will allow you to gain valuable time for work in the hospital. Use Audext on your smartphone or desktop to convert voice notes into the text and accelerate the process of filling out the template protocols and any text documents.

Audext can help people who have difficulties writing so transcribing the voice note to text is an option – they can dictate a letter and send it to family or friends.

GET YOUR VOICE recording to text


Forget wasting hours transcribing audio manually — endlessly repeating the same 30 seconds of the recording, cursing people’s inability to speak in full sentences. There’s finally an online transcribing solution – Audext.

Our service is intended for people who cannot easily type or who prefer to dictate speech notes, but you can also use it to cut the time it takes to transcribe an audio recording down to nearly the same time as the recording itself. Basically, you listen to the recording (either on your phone or computer) via earphones and speak the recording out loud as you listen.

It’s free, easy, and requires no fancy downloads, endless registrations. Just upload the audio and start transcribing it to text online.


Looking for professional voice recording to text converter?

After the seminar, webinar, conference, lecture you might need to convert the voice recordings into text for further processing. This is the best option to save information in text format. It is then can be used in the original or translated form to write books, manuals, use on the site for writing articles, podcasts, etc.

Audext is a smart audio transcriber that helps convert your voice records into text and provides it in a convenient format for editing.

Our best specialists worked on Audext transcription software development, which guarantees the high quality of the provided services. This is a convenient solution for handling any voice records transcription:

  • When it is needed to translate the speech into text during a conference or a meeting, a business conversation.
  • If you want to transcribe iPhone voice memos to text.
  • If you want to convert the video contents into text format.
  • YYou need to transcribe phone calls into text during a conversation with a potential customer; or check how employees use phone sales scripts.

What do you need to know to transcribe audio voice recording into text?

First, you need to provide audio recording in the proper format for transcription; it can be MP3, WAV and others. If you have an audio recording in a different format, you can always convert it before you start transcribing. There are a lot of programs that allows you to transcode online or offline. But do not worry, Audext works with the most common audio formats 🙂

How does the transcription of the voice recording into the text occur?

This is the main activity of our service. Before converting voice from a dictaphone to text, Audext recognizes voices, detects the presence of additional noises and, finally, transcribes!

Transcribing voice recording into the text is no longer a complicated and time-consuming task. You do not need any specific knowledge or skills. Just upload your voice record into Audext, and receive a timed text, with clear replicas. Using our Editor, you can enter the names of the speakers, and edit the text if needed, because even machines can make mistakes.

Get thirty-minutes of transcription online for free start your trial NOW to see all of the functions Audext can provide!



The text you receive after transcribing the speech may require some editing. To correct it, use options such as timestamps obtained during transcription. No more switching back and forth between audio player and text editor to transcribe your audio. Get everything you need to transcribe audio on one page!




Fully managed and always available SaaS solution to perform simple audio to text conversion, time adjustments, captioning, automated content production, metadata processing, analysis, delivery and more.

Audext workflow technology brings transcoding, metadata processing, analysis, and quality control into a single, unified system with intelligent workflow automation. It brings together its vast capabilities with the flexibility of cloud processing. If you’ve been thinking about moving your media processing to the cloud or expanding existing on-premises capacity, Audext transcription tool cloud workflow is a perfect fit.




Reduce operating costs with fully managed solution, no upfront infrastructure investments, and no maintenance expenses. Pay only for what you use.


How to make transcribing audio into text easier

Let’s assume you have an audio recording of a seminar or audiobook, and you want to save it in text form for more easy-to-use information retrieval. Text format is always more convenient to search, and texts file formats take up much less space than audio or video records.

You have several ways:

  • contact a specialized company in which people transcribe the audio themselves;
  • find a freelancer who will do it all cheaper, without any quality assurance;
  • work on it manually on your own, listen and print;
  • do it yourself with the help of an automatic transcription software.
  • The fastest option is to translate audio to text automatically with online transcription software. User can check the outcome manually to ensure the quality of the text.

Everyone knows that:

if you want a thing done well, do it yourself. Using a smart online transcriber Audext, you save time and costs. The audio file uploaded to Audex is converted into text in just a few minutes. And the rest of the time you can devote to editing your documents. You can transcribe where and when you want; you do not need to look for particular people and wait until they handle it.

How to transcribe audio into text?

Leave transcription to Audext – it converts audio into text automatically, and you do not need anything else. The main advantage of Audext is that it combines an audio player and a text editor in a single browser window. All you have to do is to check the outcome of transcribed document.

Control the audio track with a simple navigator above your transcript. No tricky buttons, there is the familiar keys: rewinding, play and pause. Timing and signatures of speakers will help you navigate, even in long hours interview.

How to save transcribed audio files?

Your records are saved every second of your work in Audext dashboard. The great news is that audio tracks and text notes do not leave your computer or smartphone. They are stored directly in the browser cache. Thus, you do not need to worry about the safety of your work and return to them even after the Internet browser is closed. You just have to go to Audext and select the file. You can save the results in .txt or .doc format to your computer.

Audext is a quick and effective online transcription solution. You do not need a third-party software, just a browser window. A sudden shutdown will not delete your groundwork; the uploaded data has been already saved in Audext.

Automatically convert audio to text for free

Our online transcription app will be useful for students, listeners and participants of seminars who want to convert a recorded lecture or speech notes to text with maximum speed and convenience.

Investigators who need to postpone the interrogation to paper, court clerks and doctors will appreciate the time and effort saved for the documentation. All because automatic online audio transcriber Audext offers the following:

  • Automatic voice recognition at high level.
  • Playing audio and text editing areas are in the same browser window.
  • The most popular WAV and MP3 audio formats are supported, as well as others.
  • Recognition of the selected audio fragments.
  • Controlling playback with convenient switches.
  • Economical solution for each user.
  • Audext transcription tool is always available in any life situation.

We created Audext to make it easier for you to work with audio records transcription.


The pricing model for those, who wants more


Price model is based on (…) your actual usage. No more paying for the infrastructure you don’t need or use. You will only be charged for the number of output minutes you produce using Workflow.

Price per minute is set individually for each workflow based on its complexity- which reflects how much CPU/GPU power is needed to process the job – and expected volume of content.