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Transcribe voice notes, press conferences, and your recordings automatically


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If you work at office, take interviews in different locations and conditions be fully prepared with Audext.

Freelance journalists are constantly facing broadcast industry standards because of levels and sound quality. Audext has built-in features that automate the process of voice identifying and transcription. As a result, even publishing work has been made simple.

Time-saving Audext makes the complicated process of transcription easier. The browser-based audio player and text editor allow you to upload the audio and use the keyboard keys to pause, play, rewind, or slow down the audio.

All you have to do is drop your tape record into the app and let Audext do the transcription


our advantages

Audext is a must have tool for journalists who handle multiple interviews

  • Fast transcription
  • Syncronized audio and text
  • High editing speed
  • Cost effective
  • Correct Speker Idefication
  • Support of various audio types

we keep you covered with our auto transcription for journalists

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