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Convert WMA Audio Format to Text Automatically

You may face numerous situations when you need to transcribe WMA to text. You’re likely to find more than one method on how to do this. But only one of them will be fast and efficient.

Manual WMA to text transcription may take you hours. While Audext online transcription app is able to provide you with the converted document within 10 minutes or even less.

With the help of an automatic WMA file converter, you will be able to get an understandable and readable version of the lecture, interview, podcast, etc. Make speech recordings and convert WMA to text online almost instantly.


WMA or Windows Media Audio is one of the most popular technologies for audio file storing and compression. It is the file format that was developed by the well-known Microsoft company and can be considered a competitor of MP3. WMA file format is known for the high characteristics of the voice file compression and is used for high-quality audio.

No matter how good WMA file format is for storing your audio – it’s always a good idea to have your data saved in multiple formats. That’s where WMA to text conversion plays a significant role. If you want to convert WMA online – we know the easy way to do it.

You can transcribe the WMA file to text later if you need to go through this content again to highlight important parts. No need to worry about complex software or manual transcription services if you can convert WMA online now.

Audext WMA to text transcription tool is able to help you convert any audio file of any size directly in your web browser. It will only take you several minutes to upload and transcribe your WMA file.

How To Convert WMA File Format To Text Using Audext?

If you want to convert WMA audio to text there are a couple of simple steps you need to follow:

  1.  Login or sign up to your Audext account.
  2. Find the “New upload” button.
  3. Click on it to start the process of WMA conversion.
  4. Upload your WMA audio file.
  5. Write down the names of the speakers (if needed).
  6. Click the “Submit” and wait for the transcription to be processed.

Voila! The transcription is ready and waiting for you to edit and download it.
WMA transcripts was never as easy to get as now! Try using Audext WMA transcription and see for yourself.

Why Should You Use Audext WMA to Text Converter Online?

One of the most common reasons why people may need to use WMA to text converter online is the need to analyze content in a more convenient form.

Another common reason to use Audext WMA to text converter is to publish the recorded audio information on the web. For example, if you are a podcaster who also runs a blog this option of converting WMA files to text can be an advantage to your content marketing strategy.

Podcast text transcripts are searchable. As it’s easier for your readers to find the necessary information if you convert WMA to text online. And you also can optimize your content effectively as search engines don’t rank audio, but they pay attention to quality text content with necessary keywords.

And with Audext online wma file converter you can do both: convert WMA audio to text; edit the transcript right there in your dashboard.

Don’t hesitate and start using all the advantages of online WMA to text transcription with 30 minutes of  Audext free trial.

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Audext FAQ
How to convert a WMA file to text using Audext?
Converting WMA format to text with Audext is easy as ABC. All you need to do is to follow these 5 steps:
  • Sign up or login to your account;
  • Click “New Upload” button;
  • Drag & drop your audio file (in one of the following formats) and click “Upload”
  • Enter the names of the speakers (optionally) and click “Submit”;
  • Edit the transcript of the WMA file and download it in DOC or TXT text format.
How to send a WMA file to a text message?
You need to convert audio to text to send WMA file as text message. In order to do so you need to login to your Audext account, upload WMA file, and download it as transcribed text in DOC or TXT, or you can just copy and paste transcript from Audext editor.
How to play WMA sent via text on iPhone?
WMA (Windows Media) files are not compatible with iPhone’s built-in Music app. So in order to play WMA on iPhone, you need to install 3-party apps that can convert WMA file to an audio format that is compatible with iOS (like MP3, for example).
How to play WMA files on Windows 10?
To play WMA audio on Windows 10 you need to open it with Windows Media Player (WMP). To make WMP default player for this type of audio files you can these steps:
  • Find your WMA file in the folder;
  • Click right mouse button on the file;
  • Find “Open with…” option > “Choose another app”
  • In the window that opens click on the checkbox that says “Always use this app to open .wma files.”
  • Select Windows Media Player from the list of apps and hit the “OK” button.
How to edit WMA files?
If you need to trim, cut or add a new part to the WMA audio file you need to choose and install the audio editor. The best options for WMA audio file editing are Audacity, Adobe Audition, Ocenaudio. They have different interfaces and specialties (for example Audacity is also a great tool to remove background noise from audio), but the main functional features are the same.
How much does transcription cost?
The price for Audext transcription starts from $10.90 per hour. To see more of our pricing options, visit this page. Or contact us to discuss the custom plan that will match your needs.

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