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You may face numerous situations when you need to transcribe WMA to text. You’re likely to find more than one method on how to do this. But only one of them will be fast and efficient.

Manual WMA to text transcription may take you hours. Free Audext app is able to provide you with the converted document within 10 minutes or even less.

With the help of an automatic file transcription, you will be able to get a better understandable version of the lecture, interview, podcast, etc. Make speech records and convert WMA to text online almost instantly.



WMA or Windows Media Audio is one of the most popular technologies for file compression. The extension for WMA files is .wma. It is the format that was developed by the well-known Microsoft company and can be considered a competitor of MP3. WMA is known for the high characteristics of the voice file compression and is used for high-quality audio. The latest version WMA 9.1 can be coded without the loss of speech quality.

It’s easy to record the necessary information using WMA format and store it in audio format. You can transcribe WMA file to text later if you need to go through this content again to highlight important parts. There are many other reasons why you may need to get the readable version of your WMA audio information. No need to worry about complex software or manual transcription services if you can convert WMA to text online now.

Audext WMA to text transcription tool is able to help you convert any audio file of any size directly in your web browser. It will take you several minutes to upload and transcribe your WMA file. Audext automatic WMA to text converter will process your file online almost immediately. That’s it, you can now export high-quality transcript file either in the DOC or TXT format less than in 10 minutes.

Why Should You Use Audext WMA to Text Converter Online?

Recording information in audio format comes in handy, as you can focus your attention on important things rather than on making notes. This allows you not to miss valuable details that may matter. But then again, in the future, you may need this recording to be converted to text format. One of the most common reasons why people may need to use WMA to text converter online is the need to analyze content in a more convenient form.

Another common reason to use Audext WMA to text converter is to publish the recorded audio information on the web. For example. if you are a podcaster who also runs a blog this option of converting WMA files to text can be an advantage to your content marketing strategy.

Text transcripts are searchable. Therefore it creates infinite opportunities for you to grow your blog’s audience and traffic stats. As it’s easier for your readers to find the necessary information if you convert WMA to text online. For one thing, having both audio and text formats to choose from broadens the inclusivity of your platform. And you also can optimize your content effectively as search engines don’t rank audio, but they pay attention to quality text content with necessary keywords. And with Audext you can do both: convert WMA audio to text; edit the transcript right there in your dashboard.

Besides, being in a constant hurry, people choose to do things that can help save their valuable time. It takes less time to look through the text than to listen to the 30 minutes of talk. And let’s be honest, some people just prefer reading, not listening.

Moreover, podcasts are becoming more and more popular today. Their loyal audience of listeners may want to save the part from the track they liked. It will take mere seconds to find the necessary information when having the text in front of you compared to doing the same search in the audio file.

Don’t hesitate and start using all the advantages of online WMA to text transcription with 30 minutes of  Audext free trial.


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