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Transcription is an audio or video recording converted to a text file format. You may find someone who can do this job manually but it will be expensive and the entire process may take hours (if not days). Why waste any more time if you can use an effective audio transcription software?

You never know when you may need a fast and free voice to text software. Some people may experience the need to turn audio into text on a regular basis. Among them are students who make lecture notes, bloggers, journalists, business people, etc.

If you are one of those who is looking for a cost-effective way to get the audio file to text format in no time, pay attention to Audext audio to text online conversion tool. It’ll help you to get the voice recording as a text file in less than 10 min!



Today, there is no such person who doesn’t know how to record a lecture or an interview. But still, not everyone knows how to convert the recording to text format if you need it later. It is the question, the answer to which most students and not only students are looking for. Audio transcription services are definitely the best solution. It is easy to get the necessary text format of your recordings within a few minutes.

Check how to do this using audio to text transcription software. Using an advanced tool for the audio file transcription is just a piece of cake. The only thing you need to do is to connect the device where your voice recordings are stored to the PC (whether it’s MAC or Windows). It is how you will be able to send the file for further audio to text transcription. You can even convert voice recording to text using only your smartphone with Audext. 

In case, you prefer an even easier way to get started with speech to text software, you can choose to transfer audio files not a physical way with wires and extra time needed. There is a possibility to send your audio via email. They will be saved to your Google Drive cloud storage. Then you can use your browser to convert an audio file to the text format with Audext.

What Are the Advantages Of Using Audio Transcription Services?

There are many situations when audio to text transcription services will come to the rescue. For example, if your job supposes visiting conferences, workshops, and lectures you may record them not to miss anything important and get more time for analyzing. Podcast owners are another category of people who will benefit much from using automatic audio to text transcription software.

Transcriptions of podcast shows will become searchable if you convert its audio to text. Your listeners will be grateful for providing them with the readable version of their favorite podcasts. Make your podcast content more inclusive by converting audio to text with Audext transcription software.

The list of those who should use audio to text converter is endless. One more evidence of the fact that it is one of the most useful types of software is that it can be used in the medical industry. Psychologists keep the records of their therapy sessions with the patients and then getting the readable version of those speech notes for further analysis. They don’t have to spend hours on doing this job manually, they just need affordable and easy-to-use audio to text converter like Audext.

Why Choose Audext Audio to Text Transcription Software?

Audext transcription app is the best speech to text software you can find in today’s market. It is due to the fact that it converts files in an express mode but its high conversion speed doesn’t affect the quality. It can transcribe iPhone voice memos, lecture notes, and other speech recordings to text within several minutes. Moreover, you have a great chance to check how it works by using a free trial. Audext offers you 30 minutes of speech to text software to start. 

Audio to text transcription process is easy with Audext. Just log in to your account, enter the dashboard and upload your audio file and start the transcription process. In a couple of minutes, you have the audio file converted to text and waiting for you to download it in DOC or TXT format.

Whenever you need to get a text transcription from MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, M4A, don’t hesitate to entrust this work to Audext. Forget about typing, – record everything and transcribe voice to text when you have such a necessity.


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