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How to work with .ogg file format?

How to transcribe
ogg file format audio

People unfamiliar with audio files might not know much about the .ogg file format. The name sounds weird, it is not the most popular audio format, and it’s not always easy to open on all devices.

However, it is an important free and open container format. Also, it helps many people stream and manipulate high-quality digital multimedia.

Named after the word “ogging” from a game called Netrek, ogg file has its small group of fans in the audio world. While it is likely never a truly mainstream option, some loyal users depend on the format every single day. 

Below we are offering you to take a closer look at what .ogg file is. You’ll find your answers on where to use them?; how to open?; and if it is easy to transcribe .ogg files?

What Is .OGG File?

OGG is short for an Ogg Vorbis Compressed Audio File. The simplest way to explain what is .ogg file is to compare it with the .mp3 file format. They are very similar. It is also used for holding audio metadata, such as artist and track information. 

However, not all .ogg files are audio files. Some are Origin Graph Files. To open those, a person needs a graphing program.

However, not all .ogg files are audio files. Some are Origin Graph Files. To open those, a person needs a graphing program.

Most modern computers automatically recognize just what type of .ogg file it is. They are guiding users and picking the best program available to open it.

Where Are .OGG Files Mostly Used?

The simple answer is the same places as .mp3 files. It is not nearly as popular in the digital media world, but some people like the freedom it allows.

It has a very similar high-quality range as .mp3, going from 16 to 128 kbps. Occasionally, it is used for speech files as well as music. Anyone who alters music or speech files regularly can benefit from this format over others.

Although the .ogg file isn’t as popular as some other options, it is pretty easy to convert it to other formats if needed. Some online programs like Zamzar make it as simple as just a few clicks to convert .ogg to .mp3, .mp4, .wav, and more.

The major selling point for many users is that .ogg files remain unrestricted, open, and free. There are a lot of limitations with .mp3 files that can hinder the amount of possible altering. All .ogg files are 100% open source.

When directly compared, .ogg files are also smaller in size to .mp3 files. This is because .ogg files have a varied bit rate compression, while .mp3 files’ are constant.

A good example of the difference is to examine a mostly silent audio file. A .ogg file will end up significantly smaller because of the varied bit rate, while the .mp3 file will remain the same size with silence or music.

How to Open the .OGG File Format?

Most .ogg files are pretty easy to open with numerous audio software setups out there. VLC, Windows Media Player, Miro, and Adobe Audition are just a few.

People have been using these software options for years, and they make it extremely easy once downloaded. Simply click on the file and choose the intended software, and the file opens automatically.

Perhaps the easiest option right now is to play .ogg files online by simply using Google Drive or the Google Chrome browser. They have an easy to use, a drag-and-play feature that many users have fallen in love with.

Since virtually everyone has access to Google Drive and/or Google Chrome, more people are using these as .ogg files options than ever before.

More recently, Opera and Firefox have jumped aboard, offering this easy drag-and-play solution. It works for other file formats as well.

If there is one hold up, it is the fact that Apple devices don’t support the .ogg file format without having a separate application. VLC for Mobile and OPlayer HD are the two most popular options for those trying to play and .ogg file on their iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device.

For this reason, the majority of .ogg files originate on PCs with Windows or Linux OS instead of Macs.

How To Use Online Ogg Converter?

Converting audio into text is one of the most difficult and tedious jobs out there. To be as accurate as possible, it can take a ton of time to transcribe audio files manually. The good news is that transcription software is as accurate as ever, reducing the workload for an average person.

For example, Audext can save you hours of work and hundreds of dollars with its automatic transcription. For students, podcasters, journalists and many other professionals AI-powered Audext online ogg converter can be a true savior.

The best part is, the process is extremely easy and intuitive to handle. And most people have everything completely understood after going through the steps one time.

Just how easy is the transcription process? As detailed on our website, a person can have an .ogg file converted into a TXT or DOC file in just five steps.

1. Upload the .OGG file to the Audext dashboard.

Upload .OGG Audio
Upload .OGG Audio

2. Send the audio stream to the cloud editor.

3. Enter the names of the speakers.

Enter Names of Speakers
Enter Names of Speakers

4. Transcription starts immediately, and the transcript goes directly into the project.

In-build transcript editing tool available to review and change the results.

5. Once everything looks good, the text file can be downloaded in either TXT or DOC format.

download transcript
Download Transcription

Final Thoughts On The .Ogg Format

If a person works long enough in the audio industry, they are going to come across their fair share of .ogg files.

They might initially seem like a bit of a nuisance to work with, but it’s easier and easier to treat them just like a .mp3 file.

Having a dependable online ogg converter is extremely helpful for those who find themselves with a ton of work.

Katrin Deres 12/06/2019
Katrin runs her own podcast show and is interested in the best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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