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The Audext blog

Automatic audio transcription service provider brings you useful tips, trends and inspiring ideas on how to transcribe recordings easier.

by Katrin Deres | 03/26/2021

Probably you never thought that businesses could benefit from corporate transcription services too. As a matter of fact, there are a couple of reasons why businesses, in many instances, outsource transcription. It could be for more serious matters like legal purposes or routine tasks like employee training.  By investing in business […]

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by Katrin Deres | 03/19/2021

Released back in 2016, TikTok has seemingly taken the Internet by storm. Its close competitors, Facebook and Instagram, took around five years to achieve this number of users. Even though TikTok has its fair share of differences, the influx of new users continues to increase. What Are TikTok Videos About? […]

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by Katrin Deres | 03/12/2021

From the dawn of time, people have been trying to preserve and pass on information. Little has changed in that we still find the safest and most efficient way to relay information is in written form. From the ancient scribes to modern-day transcriptionists, the concept hasn’t changed much, but the […]

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by Katrin Deres | 03/05/2021

So, you may ask yourself what’s verbatim transcription? In short, verbatim transcription is the process of converting audio into text. Let’s define verbatim transcription better. The verbatim definition includes certain non-speech sounds, interjections or signs of active listening, filler words, false starts, self-corrections, and stutters while proofreading. It requires extra attention, […]

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by Katrin Deres | 02/26/2021

We are fortunate enough to be in the midst of technological progress, which is fundamentally changing the way we live, our perception of the world, and the way we study it. “Knowledge delivery” wherever you want through a variety of digital inventions (such as lecture transcription software) – this is […]

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by Katrin Deres | 02/19/2021

For some people Clubhouse is a great way to express themselves, for others – a cool platform to get fresh content and a new social network. What is a Clubhouse for you? For us, the Clubhouse app is a great networking space to socialize, more like a podcast where you […]

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by Katrin Deres | 02/12/2021

If you want to sell your products quickly, you can rely on email marketing statistics and methods. It is estimated that 4.3 billion people will start using email in 2023. It is more than half of the world population. It means that you have more chances of success using email […]

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by Katrin Deres | 02/05/2021

If you are a podcaster you know that it’s not enough to air five episodes in a week. Do you want to go serious about audience engagement, business promotion and you need to know what makes a good podcast? And you main goal stands behind one question – how to […]

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by Katrin Deres | 01/29/2021

According to statistics that were shared by Psychotactics, students can retain as much as four times more information when they use audio-visual content compared to simply sitting through a lecture capturing. What is more, research has also revealed that by practicing active listening, you can also boost your productivity. To […]

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by Katrin Deres | 01/18/2021

Whether you’re a graduate student, conducting research for your thesis, a journalist mid-investigation or a professional researcher who digs up and analyzes tons of information on a daily basis, conducting practical research is basically the stuffing of your life. Given the increase in information available and traceable, researchers need to […]

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