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The Audext blog

Automatic audio transcription service provider brings you useful tips, trends and inspiring ideas on how to transcribe recordings easier.

by Katrin Deres | 12/24/2019

Probably you never thought that businesses can benefit from corporate transcription services too. If that is the case, you would be very much mistaken!  As a matter of fact, there are a couple of reasons why businesses in many instances outsource transcription. It could be for more serious matters like legal […]

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by Katrin Deres | 12/13/2019

If you are a podcaster you know that it’s not enough to air five episodes in a week. Do you want to go serious about audience engagement, business promotion? Maybe you`d like to succeed in the content-empowered online world? Then you may need to go the extra mile. You need […]

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by Katrin Deres | 12/06/2019

People unfamiliar with audio files might not know much about the .ogg file format. The name sounds weird, it is not the most popular audio format, and it’s not always easy to open on all devices. However, it is an important free and open container format. Also, it helps many […]

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by Katrin Deres | 12/01/2019

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. As it turns out, besides your picture, your voice is also worth a thousand words. Okay, maybe not all at once, but with a speech to text Google Docs capability you can transcribe your words into text quickly and easily. More […]

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by Katrin Deres | 11/24/2019

Have you ever thought about starting your own online talk show, but weren’t sure if anyone would actually listen to it? After all, TV has killed the radio star, right? Well, according to the stats, creating a podcast can definitely be a worthwhile venture to explore. While most of the […]

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by Katrin Deres | 11/15/2019

Although an interview transcript sounds as if it is pretty straightforward. The process requires considerable effort, time, and patience. To make it even more challenging, it is key that your interviews are transcribed accurately and presented correctly. If not, there could be key data that can get lost. As a […]

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by Katrin Deres | 11/08/2019

Every transcriptionist understands the importance of audio quality to the transcription process. If an audio file is inaudible or full of background noise. Such that the voices of the speakers are barely heard, transcribing it becomes a problem. The transcriptionist will have to repeat the file several times, to ensure […]

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by Katrin Deres | 11/06/2019

You might be hoping to make a side or full-time pay working on the web from the solace of your room. At that point, transcriptionist occupations are certainly something you should give an attempt. The market for this gig is tremendous right now. There lots of bloggers, entrepreneurs, and companies […]

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by Katrin Deres | 10/18/2019

Journalists are transcribing machines. Once they’ve covered an interview, the next thing they do is to transcribe their audio file into text. And then go on to edit and polish the content for the audience. Unfortunately, there is a tool journalist is rarely using in their work. They spend the […]

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by Katrin Deres | 10/11/2019

So, you may ask yourself what is verbatim transcription? In short, verbatim transcription is the process of converting audio into text.  Verbatim transcription is a serious art that demands full attention because the details of the audio need to be captured as they are. When verbatim transcription is done, the […]

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