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How to Get the Transcript of a YouTube Video

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How to Get the Transcript of a YouTube Video

Today, YouTube has become an incredibly powerful tool to obtain information. On the platform, users can watch music videos, movies, lifestyle talks, and a host of many others. However, for those with impaired hearing and no basic understanding of the spoken language or people constantly moving in crowded suburbs, comprehending spoken content on video can be challenging. 

The YouTube transcript feature presents viewers with a textual version of audio files. It enables watchers to read a text without the need to listen to the video. What then does this mean? People are likely to watch more of your YouTube videos!

While finding the right transcriptions for a YouTube video is relatively simple, few know how to go about it. Here is a guide on how to get transcript of YouTube video. 

YouTube Transcription and Captioning

Benefits of YouTube Transcription and Captioning

Wonder why you need to transcribe your YouTube videos when it comes with an audio file? YouTube transcription and captioning benefits all users, from organizations and business to the physically impaired, movies, and music lovers. 

Engages People with Hearing Loss in Content of the Video

Research shows that over 360 million people suffer from hearing loss worldwide. Likewise, over 48 million Americans are hard of hearing. Without the time-synchronized closed captions, 71% of people with hearing disabilities end up not watching the video. Thus, YouTube transcription and captioning engage viewers fully in the content of the video.

A Learning Aid that Improves Comprehension

When it comes to online learning, YouTube transcription ensures you get detailed and trustworthy information. Today, over 52% of students worldwide watch YouTube videos to get more insights on various subjects. Imagine a student learning English as a Second Language listening to spoken English without the basic grammar guide. Processing spoken information may become difficult. A captioned transcript will ensure the students easily comprehend spoken target language learn its proper spelling while listening to the instructor. 

Flexibility in Noisy Environments

Whether you are at the train station, mall, market, or crowded street, closed captions provide you a textual representation of audio content even when the sound is unclear. It’s even helpful if you are watching exercise demo videos while working out, and do not want to turn down your external music.

Increase Organic Outreach, Viewers Watch and SEO ranking

Do you know that video transcription can increase your organic outreach and draw visitors faster to your page while ranking top of the Google search engine? A recent study reveals that YouTube videos with transcriptions get as much as 13.48% audience, more than the average.

Easy Foreign Language Transcription

For filmmakers, creating a subtitle file is the first step to getting viewers to watch your video, especially with the audio content being in a foreign language. Today, there are over 500 known languages globally, and most of the videos come from almost all parts of the globe. Transcribing your video content would mean speakers of a foreign language can easily understand the speech content of the foreign countries. 

How to Get a Transcript of a YouTube Video

How to Get a Transcript of a YouTube Video

Finding how to get a transcript for a YouTube video is pretty easy. Some content creators provide personally captioned transcripts for their videos. Google also offers an additional automatic transcription software that automatically uploads your transcript to the videos. 

However, how adequate the information you get using the automatic transcription tool will depend on the accent used in the video production, audio clarity, and many others. Here is how to open transcript on YouTube.  

1.Check for Free YouTube Caption Tools

The exciting part of this process is that you can get subtitles for your video manually or automatically. For this step, you want to first:

2.Use Additional Transcription Tool like Google Docs

Unlike the free caption tools, you never have to source text yourself. Google Docs comes with a built-in speech-to-text feature that automatically types shat it hears from a background video on the play. However, you want to make sure there is no background interface as it can plummet the accuracy of the text. Likewise, you may notice constant glitches in the process, which may mean additional edits for your transcriptions. To employ this means, 

3.Download Transcript from YouTube

Another alternative means to consider is download YouTube transcript as text through websites like Free CC Converter, keepvid, and Clipconverter. However, like Google Docs, this method may not give accurate results as the speech-to-text feature it employs may fail to comprehend the accent used, leading to a high amount of errors.

What can you do with a YouTube video transcription?

Does a more leisurely lifestyle through sustainable living sound like the best reason to transcribe YouTube video? Of course! Creating content from existing content ensures you never have to start afresh. 

Video transcription can help you turn videos into blog posts or textual, graphic imagery that will draw traffic to your page. Of course, additional edits like formatting the font and size are necessary for a stylish outlook. Still, the transcriptions are most likely a challenging job. 

How to Convert a YouTube Video to Text Quickly 

To easily watch your YouTube videos, it’s also important to know how to convert YouTube videos to text quickly. One of the best ways to do this is using an outbound automatic transcription tool like Audext. 


Unlike services that take time to convert YouTube to text, as it uses human transcriptions, Audext converts your video to text quickly using AI technology. All you need do is use the speech-to-text online translator to transcribe and sync speech content. The best part, this software works with ten languages and is designed to recognize various English accents. To convert YouTube video to text with Audext, 

YouTube captions
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Using this software like a YouTube transcriber will save you the time and cost of having to re-edit audio texts again. 

Transcribing your YouTube video is a great way to attract viewers to your page and gain higher viewing. Whether you are in a noisy environment or visually impaired, YouTube transcripts allow you to watch a video without listening to the audio.  

Katrin Deres 11/15/2021
Katrin runs her own podcast show and is interested in the best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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