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Beginners’ Guide: How to Convert Meeting Recordings to Text?

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How To Record And Transcribe Meetings?
1. Record The Meeting
2. Decide On The Right App To Convert Meeting
3. Use Automatic Meeting Transcription Software

Meetings are an integral part of a business.

Unfortunately, recording meetings, converting the conversations into texts, and archiving the material for future use…that’s not only time-consuming. It’s a painful experience.

Business executives need to find painless ways of converting meeting recording to text. The reason why? It’s through meetings that ideas are presented, decisions are made, and products are invented.

Capturing every word at a meeting is necessary. As a CEO, you need to not only grab the valuable ideas shared by your team of talent at the last meeting, you also need to save those words without missing their original context and meaning.

This article walks you through a number of ways to convert meeting minutes into beautiful words of wisdom.

How To Record And Transcribe Meetings

Below are a number of ways to record and transcribe meeting minutes to text.

Follow these simple steps to convert your valuable meeting recording to text, and use them whenever you need them.

Record The Meeting With A Meeting Recording Software

Before you can convert meeting recording into text, you need to start with the basics: recording the meeting. To get the high-quality meeting minutes you need to invest in quality meeting recording software.

The equipment doesn’t need to be expensive or flashy. It only needs to be accurate and portable enough to give you the accurate output you deserve.

For instance, you need a multi-directional microphone system that you can install around the majority of the speakers. If not, you won’t be able to capture every word from each speaker, which means your transcription will be inaccurate.

microphone for meeting recording

You can also record meeting conversations with your hand-held device, such as your iPhone. In fact, you can install a mini-microphone to your iPhone’s lightning port to get the highest quality recording you need.

Just remember this: don’t leave your iPhone in your pocket or place it on the table while recording to avoid crackling and missing an important part of the meeting conversation.

Decide On The Right App To Convert Meeting Recording To Text

Technology simplifies our tasks, makes us more productive, and simplifies our lives. For businesses and journalists, transcription has never been easier with digital technological tools.

And the quality conversion of meeting recording into texts has never been easier with the right recording software that produces accurate results.

Like any other digital software, getting the right transcription tool that will turn your meeting recording into text is not easy.

It requires that you do some research, reviews, and tests. But to help save you some time, here are some key features to look for in a quality meeting recording software.

  • Quality. What the output of the text look like? Check for its authenticity, accuracy, and originality.
  • Speed. What’s the speed of the program? Is the meeting recording software efficient and effective when it comes to speed of service?
  • Speaker option. Does the recording program have multiple speaker options? You don’t need to use programs with one speaker for you won’t record the entire conversation of the meeting.

Any program that’s short of these three features won’t produce the quality text you need.

Don’t Use Any App. Use Automatic Meeting Transcription Software

As we have established, not all meeting recording software is good. You have to spend time reviewing, see which one will produce the best result? which one will transcribe your meeting recording automatically without consuming your time and energy?

Below are three automatic meeting transcription software that you can use:

1. Audext

It’s simple and affordable ($10.90 per 60 minutes, first 30 minutes for FREE) and it’s one of the best in the transcription industry. Audext transcribes audio recordings—of any size, formats, and length — automatically, and in lightning speed.

With a clean interface, the web-based audio-to-text conversion tool can seamlessly transcribe your meeting recording with its AI-empowered feature in-depth, with fewer errors and more accuracy.

Audext audio to text converter
Audext Meeting Transcription Software

2. Google Voice Typing

If you want to run your transcription service manually, Google Voice Typing is your best option. You can turn your meeting recording into words by speaking in Google Docs using your Chrome browser for free.

The issue with this meeting minutes transcription service is that it is slow, unlike Audext, as the transcription is done manually—by speaking the recorded notes to the program.

3. GoTranscript

It’s one of the best manual transcription and translation agencies on the Internet. It’s also one of the cheapest transcription services (at $0.60 per audio minute) that businesses can use to convert their meeting recordings into text.

But GoTranscript relies on freelance transcriptionists to perform clients’ work. That means, it’s not as fast, reliable, and digitized as Audext, which is powered by AI to provide efficient and speedy transcription projects to its global clientele.

Meetings Transcription Can Be Easy And Fast

Recording and converting meeting minutes isn’t as difficult as you may think.

If you use the right methods, tools, and platforms, you can transcribe your entire meeting recording into texts without breaking the bank.

All you’ve got to do is these:

  • Record the meeting. 
  • Use sophisticated transcription software to transcribe the meeting.
  • Use an AI-powered transcription tool to edit and share your text-based meeting.

That’s how to record and transcribe meetings that you can read and reference on the go. You do this by using the state-of-the-art tools that can give you the uttermost quality for your money.  

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