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Why Should You Invest in Business Transcription To Make It Better?

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Corporate transcription services

Probably you never thought that businesses could benefit from corporate transcription services too.

As a matter of fact, there are a couple of reasons why businesses, in many instances, outsource transcription. It could be for more serious matters like legal purposes or routine tasks like employee training. 

By investing in business transcription services, you can also look forward to some unexpected benefits. It can be a powerful tool for corporate culture analysis and help you to improve processes. 

Advantages From Using Business Transcription Services

The main question here is WHY it is important for businesses to transcribe audio to text? And how can business benefits from corporate transcription services? We are ready to give you some use cases:

  • Documentation. First of all, corporate transcription is needed to collect various documents and archives by analyzing it referencing.
  • Website SEO. Transcribing business notes can be useful for content creation, and great SEO-optimized texts will help your website rank better on Google.
  • Accessibility. Of course, transcribing business meetings, calls, or conferences is important as the person cannot catch up with everything from there.
  • Marketing and PR. Every company needs to stay in trend to attract more people, especially with podcasts, TikTok videos, IGTV, and YouTube. Transcribe the videos and add captions – it will be highly appreciated by the customers.
  • Research. For sure, you want to know where to move the business and what do customers say. You can easily transcribe interviews to make the information more accessible and easy-to-learn.
  • Pressconferences. It is crucial for companies to represent themselves for the external world, and recording it can help the companies to make those speeches better and effective.

Luckily, there are many corporate transcription companies and freelance transcriptionists worldwide that can help. Plus, to make it even more convenient, there are even software solutions that can help you. 

The only challenge is finding your preferred business transcription services that can offer the best quality for the budget that you had in mind.

How Can Business Transcription Help You?

As it was said before, all the customer calls that are recorded alone amount to hours of audio files that are challenging to store. 

Then, there is also valuable data discussed during meetings, presentations, podcasts, lectures, and conference calls. By opting to get these audio and video files transcribed, you can improve your security. 

You can keep valuable data, like decisions made during a conference call or important lecture notes, on record. With regards to meetings, simply opting to rely on the minutes might not be enough.

According to Attentive, only around 37% of meetings in the US use agendas. So in many instances, minutes can skip key information. Or it could be misunderstood, whereas commercial transcripts give you the full context.

Corporate transcription services

Not only does it become difficult to save all this data, but another challenge is to look up specific information, especially if you have hours of audio or video files.

By getting your audio and video files transcribed, your staff will no longer have to waste time having to listen to long conference calls. Instead, they can read the business transcription and get the gist of the meeting much faster. 

Thus, a corporate transcription service can help your business. It is helping us to improve and streamline its internal communication.

All things considered, every business needs to organize and filter its content efficiently. So that they can share it with their employees, stakeholders, or customers. And, one of the most cost-effective and affordable pricing plan solutions to that problem is to get the files transcribed.

Tips For Selecting The Best Business Transcription Services

As a business owner yourself, you know only too well that reviews matter. 

Therefore, before hiring a company that can help you with commercial transcripts. First, create a shortlist of a few companies that boast good reviews.

  • You can either ask other businesses for reviews or simply complete a quick online search.
  • Then, after you have drawn up a shortlist of a couple of companies, be sure to request a quote so that you can weigh up the costs. Like with most services, quality and costs can differ significantly! 
  • That being said, if the quality of your audio files that need to be transcribed is below par, the final product will also be affected. 

So, be sure to ask the company or transcriptionist in advance if the quality of your recording is adequate.

Examples Of Corporate Transcription Companies

In today’s day and age, the majority of businesses choose to do their transcription job remote as it helps to boost their efficiency. 

Plus, as companies, in particular, the legal and medical fields. They have more video and audio files that need to be transcribed; it makes sense to follow this route.

TransPerfect Transcriptions and GMR Transcription are two examples of companies that can offer manual transcription services. The transcriptionists in there can help you to transcribe meeting minutes, conferences, seminars. And also conference calls to mention only a few examples.

However, it does come at a cost. 
The latter offers a standard turnaround time of three to five days at a starting rate of $2 per recorded minute of clear audio. 

There are faster and more cost-effective solutions available than manual business transcription companies. Businesses can also look at transcription software for multiple voices like Audext instead.

What`s another major advantage of opting for Audext corporate transcription software instead? It is a process that can be completed in just a couple of steps. 

  • Simply “Sign in” and press “New Upload”;
  • Name the speakers, select the language;
  • Submit the file and wait for the transcription.

For example, if you would like to transcribe a conference call, you simply need to offer the audio recording in the right format and then upload it. This means that there is no need first to send an inquiry email and wait for a response. 

Audio to text upload

Though, the best part is that your conference call will be converted into text format in just a couple of minutes (as opposed to three to five days). So, you end up getting same-day service for a fraction of the cost.

Business Transcription Changing The Game

At the end of the day, a business transcription service can transcribe your audio files much faster (and accurately) than one of your employees. 

Plus, is it really fair to burden an in-house staff member? They do not have the necessary skills with another task in addition to all his/her other primary responsibilities. Of course, business transcription companies will deal with it better.

Instead, it will make more sense to enlist the services of a company or invest in a software solution that can help you on an as-needed basis. 

Follow this route, so you can also avoid extra overheads as you do not need to buy expensive equipment.

Sound pretty attractive, isn’t it? Do not hesitate to try it now!

Katrin Deres 03/26/2021
Katrin runs her own podcast show and is interested in the best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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