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How To Record And Transcribe Clubhouse Podcasts

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For some people Clubhouse is a great way to express themselves, for others – a cool platform to get fresh content and a new social network. What is a Clubhouse for you?

For us, the Clubhouse app is a great networking space to socialize, more like a podcast where you can be a part of it. In December, Clubhouse was hosting more than 600K registered users, this number increased by 2.5M users in February 2021.

Clubhouse app is entertaining for various use cases, such as listening to Elon Musk’s talks about space technologies or joining Mark Zuckerberg in a discussion about Facebook`s trends and development. Isn’t it great?

Clubhouse recording

There are cases where you need to save the talks for something out of Clubhouse – personal use blog posts, or maybe podcasts. It is against Clubhouse rules to record rooms without other people knowing, but if you get permission we are here to help.

One main throwback – is that Clubhouse disallowed the audio recording feature during the iPhone screen recording. That’s why we’ll dive deeper to get to know how to record audio from Clubhouse podcasts and how to transcribe Clubhouse audio. 

How To Record Audio From Clubhouse Podcast?

Trying to get Cubhouse records may look like a challenge for the ones who do not understand how to do it properly. And as Preston Byrne said in his article, you really shouldn’t record Clubhouse calls. But, if you do, please ask permission from each member of the Clubhouse conversations and the Clubhouse administrators. Recording Clubhouse talks can be done in the following ways: 

Use Voice Memos to record Clubhouse conversations.

You can try to get Clubhouse records using one simple tool – Voice Memos. It can be used from the phone, or it can be your laptop – doesn`t matter. Voice Memos is a built-in iOS app. This is how you can use the dictaphone in few easy steps, or check the article on how to convert iPhone voice memo to text:

  • Find the Voice Memos app on iPhone;
  • Press Red Button to start recording the voice;
  • Press the button again to finish the recording;
  • Give the name to the file and save it.

Sideload Clubhouse on Mac and record the conversation.

Of course, the whole procedure of recording Clubhouse talks can be done using the Mac as well. The algorithm is quite simple: start recording with an app like Audio Jack or TwistedWave Recorder, or even Just Press Record app for Mac. After the recording is done, you are almost ready to convert clubhouse talks to text. 

WARNING! Do not try to record the screen while using the Clubhouse app on your phone. First of all, you won’t record audio from Clubhouse podcast with the sound as it is blocked automatically. Secondly, it may result in a ban from the Clubhouse app. 

Once you have your recording from the Clubhouse app, you may think about how you can prepare it for the transcription process. For the record, transcribe clubhouse audio in formats from MP3 to AVI or OGG – AI-based transcription apps like Audext are supporting many audio formats

How To Extract Audio From Recorded Clubhouse Conversations? 

Recording Voice Memos or Mac screen video while Clubhouse conversations are quite easy, isn’t it? It might take time to get a transcription from video recording, so to save time make sure to extract audio from the video file.

Why? Because video files might take longer to upload. Follow this guide to get a clear Clubhouse conversations transcription.


This is a small app but useful when it comes to video to MP3 conversions. The usage is simple: create the shortcut, choose the saved video recording and start the process. Soon, you will have the audio extract ready – save audio from Clubhouse on your device. 


The app is excellent to extract audio from a video file, especially when it is a video Mac recording as it is in our case. Again, tap on the icon of the gallery to choose a video and start the process. In the next screen, trim the video to your liking and give it a new name when ready.

How To Transcribe Clubhouse Audio?

When the audio file from the Clubhouse room is ready it is time to start the transcription process. Thanks to AI-based technology it is fast and easy. How can it be done? In these 5 easy steps: 

  • Sign up with Audext, or log in if you are the user already;
  • Go to dashboard and click “New Upload”;
  • Drag and drop the audio file of Clubhouse conversations;
  • Select your language or accent, name the speakers; 
  • Press “Submit” and wait for the results to appear. 
Audio to text upload

Right after the transcription is done, edit the transcribed text using an in-built editor. When it is ready, just save the transcription in the most suitable format – DOC, TXT, or Google Drive. Sounds simple, right? 

What Are Languages And Formats To Transcribe Clubhouse Audio?

Audext audio to text converter consists of lots of features: fast transcription, cost-effectiveness, in-built editor, and speaker identification. But what’s more important, Audext is a global app. Apart from English, it supports a number of global languages and accents:  

Available languages and accents

That’s not all!

It is important to tell about the core of the transcription process – audio to text file formats that are supported by Audext.

There are more than 20 audio and video file formats available, starting from the most popular one – MP3 to text, – and finishing with those that are not for everyday usage like OGG to text.

The variety of audio formats allows you, as a customer, not to think about audio format, but just to take action and transcribe Clubhouse audio

In Conclusion

The Clubhouse app is giving us more opportunities to stay in touch with celebrities, bloggers, or masters of the defined field. With the Clubhouse conversations, the world seems to be smaller and some privileges more accessible for everyone.

And if you want to stay in trend, start to convert clubhouse talks to text and use it for your needs. Now it is fast and easy. 

Stay in trend with Audext. 

Katrin Deres 02/19/2021
Katrin runs her own podcast show and is interested in the best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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