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The Audext blog

Automatic audio transcription service provider brings you useful tips, trends and inspiring ideas on how to transcribe recordings easier.

by Katrin Deres | 01/18/2021

Whether you’re a graduate student, conducting research for your thesis, a journalist mid-investigation or a professional researcher who digs up and analyzes tons of information on a daily basis, conducting practical research is basically the stuffing of your life. Given the increase in information available and traceable, researchers need to […]

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by Katrin Deres | 01/15/2021

When people first hear about content writing, most think it sounds like an easy job, one that they can perfect overnight and be a world-class writer by morning creating website content immediately and consistently creating good content. However, the reality is a little different, it can actually be an extremely […]

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by Katrin Deres | 01/08/2021

What is business transcription? It’s a document that provides a written record of a meeting or other function that is important to a business.  Business transcription services are used to record legal functions such as courtroom trials. In the past companies needed to hire a transcriptionist to record their meetings […]

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by Katrin Deres | 12/18/2020

The process of connecting with students online is hard and intense for everyone – students and teachers. Instructional strategies for special education are getting more developed than ever before and student’s engagement comes first. Those special education strategies are helping everyone in the educational process and increasing the quality of […]

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by Katrin Deres | 12/11/2020

Today, businesses have another important responsibility. They need to find innovative ways to deliver their service/product. They make it in a way that is sustainable and kind to the environment. They can become more eco-friendly by using conference call services providers more often to make the business transcription more effective. […]

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by Katrin Deres | 12/04/2020

There are many instances when your employees will rely on your meeting automated transcription. For example, your employees can be unable to attend a meeting. So, an actual transcript of the meeting will give them much better insight than simply referring to the minutes.  Or perhaps one of your employees […]

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by Katrin Deres | 11/27/2020

How GIFs Improve Content A GIF (short for Graphics Interchange Format) is a static bitmap image format that’s widely popular and recognized due to its integrated support for animations. Compared to complete videos, such as those in MP4/AVI formats, GIFs are much shorter, compact, and require similar storage space as […]

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by Katrin Deres | 11/20/2020

When you are trying to upscale your marketing effort, you are likely going to use a lot of videos and blogs. According to market sources, blogs with images attract 94% more audience. But using good quality images in your blogs and marketing copies is not always easy. Which are the […]

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by Katrin Deres | 11/13/2020

Auto transcription has come as a major help to many businesses and industries that have to deal with huge amounts of recorded data. Here we present a few use cases for AI-based services as Audext to transcribe audio to text.    Video marketing Videos have become one of the most powerful […]

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by Katrin Deres | 11/06/2020

Online presentation software is becoming more popular than ever, with people working out of the office more and more. And the fact that it helps businesses boost their operations means that companies are taking advantage of all kinds of free online presentation tools and are making their business transcription dealings […]

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