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Enjoy an opportunity to convert audio files to Word with ease using Audext software online.


Convert Audio to Word Automatically

Nowadays it is easy to record any conversation, lecture, interview. It is much faster to record the necessary information than to make notes. However, like any other format, audio has its pros and cons.

It is not always possible to listen to an audio track. Here you may face a need to use audio to word converter online.

It is a smart software for voice transcription that provides you with the synchronized audio and text conversion. Using Audext online, you get a chance to devote more time to research and analysis.


If you have faced a need to urgently convert audio online, do it right now, regardless of your current location. Enjoy the benefits of Audext online transcription!

There is no researcher, a student, or a journalist, who hasn’t needed to transcribe speech recordings to text at least once. There is no need to do this manually anymore. 

Audext is one of the best audio to DOC converters online. It has high editing speed, which allows you to save hours of your time.

When the Help of an Audio to DOC Converter Online Is Necessary?

There are a lot of spheres where audio to word converter online will be an incredibly valuable tool. Media and education are spheres where you can’t do without audio to text transcription.

You can use Audext audio to text converter and enjoy the reputation of the most attentive student. Though, not only lectures can be converted into text. 

Press conferences, podcasts, interviews are on the list of things that can be transcribed with the help of Audext audio to Word converter successfully. 

How to Convert Audio to Word Twice More Effectively

  1. Convert audio online with Audext – it will do all the work for you. Audext takes care of the accurate speaker identification, grammar, and punctuation, making the converted file understandable.
  2. Upload the needed audio file in one of the available audio formats (MP3, WAV, WMA, MP4 or M4A).
  3. Check the text that is created synchronically with the audio track. 
  4. Edit it with the help of Audext build-in text editor. 
  5. Export the converted DOC file online and use it according to your needs.
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Convert audio to word online with Audext - the software that will never let you down!

Audext FAQ
How do I convert an audio file to a Word document?
You can easily convert any audio file to a Word document with Audext automated transcription. Just follow 4 simple steps:
  1. Sign up or Login to Audext account;
  2. Click on “New Transcription”;
  3. Upload your audio file and enter names of the speakers (if it’s needed);
  4. Download your text transcript in DOC format.
For more information on how Audext works visit this page.
What audio formats Audext can convert?
There are 23 audio formats that are available for Audext transcription. Including:
  • WAV
  • MP3
  • M4A
Find more audio formats supported by Audext here.
How long does it take to transcribe an audio file to Word document?
The time of transcription depends on the length of the audio file. Our Audext automated standard is 0,35:1, which means that transcription of an average 1-hour audio takes 21 minutes to complete.
How secure is my transcription?
Audext transcription software is fully automated, hence your transcript is confidential and the process has no place for human-factor and other risks that manual transcription has. AI-powered platform does all the transcription work, but it’s you who has all the control over the content. You can edit or delete your audio and transcripts from your dashboard any time.
How much does transcription cost?
The price for Audext transcription starts from $10.90 per hour. To see more of our pricing options, visit this page. Or contact us to discuss the custom plan that will match your needs.

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