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Convert Audio to Word Automatically


Nowadays it is easy to record any conversation, lecture, interview. It is much faster to record the necessary information than to make notes. However, like any other format, audio has its pros and cons.

It is not always possible to listen to an audio track. Here you may face a need to use audio to word converter online.

It is a smart software for voice transcription that provides you with the synchronized audio and text conversion. Using Audext online, you get a chance to devote more time to research and analysis.


Audio to Word Converter Online Is the Best Way to Save Both Time and Nerves

If you have faced a need to convert audio files to Word urgently, do it right now, regardless of your current location. You can enjoy Audext transcription benefits using it for media, education, and other needs.

There is no researcher, a student, or a journalist, who hasn’t needed to transcribe speech files to text at least once in life. There is no need to do this manually anymore. If you find it easy to make digital recordings of speakers, don’t hesitate to use an automatic speech transcription maker to get readable files.

Audio to doc converter online Audext is one of the best conversion programs existing on the market today. It has high editing speed, which allows you to save hours of your time. Convert audio to word online entrusting your recordings to the high-technological transcription tool. It will help you to make Word (doc) file from audio file avoiding extra fuss.

When May You Need the Help of an Audio to Doc Converter Online?

There are a lot of spheres where audio to word converter online will be an indispensable tool. Media and education are spheres where you can’t do without audio to text transcription. It is much more effective to record a college/university lecture than to make notes. It is how you will be able to concentrate on the speaker’s words. Something may distract your attention and you can miss some important information.

If you record the lecture, you won’t miss a single word. It will help you to prepare for the exam. Get a text document in a few minutes using Audext and enjoy the reputation of the most attentive student who never misses a word of the lecturer.

Not only lecturers should be converted into text. Press conferences, podcasts, interviews are on the list of things that can be transcribed with the help of Audext successfully. Not always your blog reader can find a suitable moment to listen to an audio track. Transcripts of the interview or any other podcast shows will be of great use if you need to find some information quickly.

Convert Audio to Word Online Twice More Effectively

Audio to doc converter online will do all the work instead of you. It will take care of the accurate speaker identification, grammar, and punctuation, making the converted file understandable. Convert audio to word online in just one click. Download the necessary file in MP3, WAV, WMA, MP4 or M4A. Check the text that is created synchronically with the audio track. Edit it with the help of Audext. Export the converted file online and use it according to your needs.


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Convert audio to word online with Audext, - the software that will never let you down!

  • Several times faster audio to doc transcription
  • A possibility to edit the text without leaving Audext
  • Try how the software works for free
  • Support of all the frequently used audio formats
  • Affordable cost for the superior quality services
  • Easy-to-use conversion tool with a possibility to export files in minutes

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