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How To Make A Good Podcast: 3 Blog Boosting Hacks

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how to make a good podcast

If you are a podcaster you know that it’s not enough to air five episodes in a week. Do you want to go serious about audience engagement, business promotion and you need to know what makes a good podcast? And you main goal stands behind one question – how to have a successful podcast? Then you may need to go the extra mile with transcription tools.

Then, you have to add transcription on top of priorities for your podcast show. Making a podcast great is not an easy tasks, but it can be accomplish fast if you know what to do.

Why do we need speech to text converter?

First, text-based content and interview transcripts are effective in retention, are easy to digest, and simple to bookmark and reference.

Second, words improve your ranking. Making a podcast transcript not only helps grow your website into an authoritative platform. It also helps improve your SEO, which means your potential audience can easily find you. 

Third, a podcast interview transcript can be repurposed, shared online, redistributed in PDF formats. And also consumed by thousands of people. Thus, exposing your personal brand and engaging your audience even more. 

As you have learned the top benefits of transcribing podcasts, let’s now turn to the most important aspect of this article. Let’s teach you how to create an engaging podcast transcript that boosts your blog ranking. 

Making A Podcast Transcript

Below are a number of ways how to make a good podcast by transcribing your podcast without unnecessary hassle. And don’t be scared away with the thought of how long it will take to convert an hour of audio to text.

Just follow the process, pick up all the tips, and suggestions, and notice how your user engagement will skyrocket. We are ready to help you understand how to have a successful podcast. So let`s dive in.

1. Find A Better Podcast Speech To Text Converter

The Internet has given us the chance to freely promote our products, tools, and services. 

Many digital companies in the transcription industry are promoting their services, claiming that they provide “quality podcast transcription services” to podcasters. Unfortunately, most of the so-called quality podcast transcripts are not living up to their promises.  

The secret to creating an engaging transcript is to use quality tools and services. Remember, you need a reliable transcription tool that will not only convert your audio into texts. But also it does so with speed, accuracy, and less hassle.

To do that, you should search and pick web-based transcription tools based on the following features: 

  • Speed. Is the podcast transcription software effective when it comes to speed?
  • Quality. Check if the text generated by the transcription program is readable.
  • Editing. It is surely more convenient when you have the option of editing your transcript right after transcription is done.
  • Formats. Use transcription services that let you distribute and share your podcast content in a variety of formats.

One podcast transcription tool that integrates all of the features mentioned above is Audext. Web-based Audext software converts your audio file to text at a lightning speed. The software does all the transcription service automatically. 

And of course, if you need to know what makes a good podcast, use affordable audio to text software.

Audext file upload

All you have to do is to upload your audio file (in whatever audio format you want) into the account dashboard. Then it will transcribe it, word-for-word, with accuracy and no stress.

In the end, you won’t spend time editing the words. And you won’t deplete your savings to use Audext transcription service. 

2. Use Podcast Interview Transcript Generator

In today’s digital age, you don’t need to transcribe your podcast the old fashion way: with pen and paper. That will consume your time, lowers your productivity, and, it can even cause you lower back pain. 

Podcast transcript generator is what you need as it will make your podcast transcription much easier. To use Audext to generate a podcast transcript, all you have to do is to upload the file in our software and wait a couple of minutes. 

With Audext’s AI-powered service you’ll get an automated transcription that saves you time and powers your productivity.

Once you have your texts ready, you can download them in TXT or DOC formats, share them with your listeners or repurpose them and use them on your other platforms.

Try it now, it works like magic!

3. Learn From Others How To Make A Good Podcast

You can also create an awesome podcast transcript by simply learning from other top players in your industry.

Just start your research and find some interesting points that will make you find good podcast topics. Here are some ideas to implement while creating a podcast:

  • It may be interesting and untaken topic with a strong social impact (about ecology and responsible consumption, about wine or delicious food of the city, books review);
  • Find your target audience and learn their main needs (what they read, who they follow, what drive them etc);
  • Invite interesting guests (experts, friends, active youth, NGO runners), make the interviews interactive;
  • Transcribe your podcast series and send them as outputs to your followers (it can help you improve their engagement and proactivity).

You observe what text content they share and how they’re transcribing their podcasts. Also, it helps to see if there is an opportunity between the lines of how you can improve yours. Then catch that chance and make your podcast a leader in your niche.

Here are three professional podcasters that we admire for their work on transcripts.

1. RainmakerFM 

RainmakerFM podcast
(Image Source: RainmakerFM)

It is owned by the top digital marketing company Copyblogger. RainmakerFM now is one of the best podcasts in the content marketing and entrepreneurship industry.

Its founders not only air series of talk-shows from The Lede to the Editor-in-Chief. They also transcribe every show and make it available for their audience to download.

2. Masters of Scale

master of scale podcast
(Image source: Masters of Scale)

Created by one of the leading entrepreneurs in the world, Reid Hoffman, Masters of Scale Podcast is a great platform that you can learn from.

Take a look at how each episode is structured; see how the texts are transcribed in a beautiful style. Also, notice how the user experience makes the site a joy to visit, and the content fun to consume. 

3. Freakonomics Radio

freakonomics podcast
(Image source: Freakonomics)

Freakonomics is a well-known podcast. The founders of this profitable Radio have not only made fortunes with their talent they also have dominated their niche.

Freakonomics Radio has sold more than five million copies in 40 languages. Thanks to their accessible podcast and its professional transcript format. It’s the icing on their success’s cake. 

Sum-Up On Interview Transcript

Still thinking how to make a good podcast? Making a podcast isn’t as difficult as you may think. If you use the right tools and methods, you can transcribe your entire podcast episodes in record time. Then you can see a boost in your website traffic and engagement.

To transcribe podcast with ease, start by:

  • Finding a quality podcast transcription service;
  • Use an effective interview transcript generator;
  • Learn from top podcasters.

It’s about giving your audience the best content that’s free from broken words, broken sentences, and broken grammar.

And that could only be possible when you choose a powerful podcast transcription app. It must contain a convenient interface for fast work of speech to text converter.

So do not hesitate to try it now!

Katrin Deres 02/05/2021
Katrin runs her own podcast show, and interested in best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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