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Convert Keynote Speech To Text

Beginner’s Guide: How To Turn Keynote Speeches To Text By Automated Transcription?

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Keynote speeches are one of the most important aspects of every event, conference, or meeting. Their main purpose is to present the underlying theme of the event. It is happening while enticing the audience through some real-life implementations and examples.

Due to their inspiring and stimulating tone, it doesn’t come as a surprise. People who take advantage of keynote speeches are motivational speakers, lecturers, or authors.

Regardless of your profession, mastering keynote delivery can help you set the wanted tone. Also, it gives the right atmosphere at an event when the need arises.

However, acquiring the needed experience to get them right can take years unless you choose a smarter approach. One of the less popular and yet most efficient ways to go about it is automated transcription of the keynote speeches. Even though their use might not be apparent, it’s quite broad.

What Are The Advantages Of Keynote Speech To Text Transcription?

Let’s keep it real – your keynote event is hardly going to have more than a couple of hundred visitors at best unless the company is the size of Google or Apple. Unless you take some measures in order to document your speech, the amount of audience that you’ll manage to reach is quite limited. 

The risk involved with the number of attendees is automatically removed once you’re able to share the speech even when it’s over. Ideally, you should have both an audio/video recording as well as audio to text transcription – this way people will be able to choose what suits them the most.

Taking note of your mistakes is very difficult in the heat of the moment. Editing a recording multiple times helps us notice details that we would otherwise miss. Especially if that recording is in a written form. 

The automated transcription contains even the smallest stutters, mispronounced words, and poor expressions that immediately strike the eye. In addition, they serve as somewhat of a historical record that can help you keep track of your improvement. 

Converting your keynote speeches to text is a true example of dedication and devotion which surely won’t go unnoticed. Your employers will see your strive for improvement at every step, increasing the chances of promotion. 

There’s also the possibility of additional business opportunities since many companies lack good speakers that can represent their goals in a true-to-life fashion. Essentially, the speech automated transcription has all kinds of beneficial effects, both direct and indirect.

How Do I Automatically Transcribe Audio To Text?

1. Go to the Audext website and create an account, either directly through Google or via e-mail.

2. Drag & drop your speech recording into the designated area (make sure that it’s in one of the eleven supported formats) and click on “Upload”. 

Drop and Drag your file
Drop and Drag

3. Enter the speaker’s name (or multiple if there are others). Make sure that they’re in the right order and click on “Submit”.

Enter Speakers' Names to start transcription process
Enter Speakers’ Names

4. Carefully read through the audio to text transcription and fix any errors that you might stumble upon. Audext’s text editor comes with many helpful features such as find & replace, playback rate modifier, global speaker name replacement, and others. Use them interchangeably for maximum efficiency. 

Check The Transcription And Edit Using Audext Service
Check The Transcription And Edit

5. When you’re 100% certain that the text is free of errors and you made the wanted modifications, click on the “Export” button. You can choose either .DOCX or .TXT format depending on your preferences. You’re done!

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Benefiting From a Keynote Speeches Transcript

If you’re your own boss, a transcription of a keynote speech opens up countless possibilities to profit. For example, the transcription files can be used as a marketing or learning material.

Authors often require a monthly subscription or a one-time payment to unlock the access to their speeches, since they contain a lot of useful knowledge. It’s also quite easy to implement many calls-to-action which will increase the chances of people actually purchasing the advertised content. It’s also quite easy to implement many calls-to-action which will increase the chances of people actually purchasing the advertised content.

Another good example is that of a motivational speaker. They earn their revenue via the so-called speaker fees, which are simply a payment for their performance at an event. By converting a motivational speech to text, potential customers can get a sneak peek of what they can expect if they choose to move forward with the hiring process. 

It’s also a whole lot easier to gain more exposure. The former satisfied clients can simply forward the website and the speech sample to others who are interested. Also, with the rise of popularity of the motivational videos on platforms such as YouTube, it gets a whole lot easier to land gigs if you have accessible samples.


While they might seem a bit daunting and overwhelming at first – especially with all the horror stories online – keynote speeches are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, they can prove to be one of the most useful tools if you use them correctly. 

Transcriptions add a whole new layer of their everyday implementations, and with these tools and guidelines, you’re more than ready to take advantage of them. Do not hesitate. Try it now!

Katrin Deres 06/06/2020
Katrin runs her own podcast show and is interested in the best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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