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MP3 remains the most frequently used audio format despite the fact that it has a lot of competitors. Though it’s not new in the media industry, it is not surprising that this format still holds the title of the market leader. Having both high-quality and high audio compression characteristics, it’s supported by all major players (most of them).

Record interviews, lectures, press conferences, and use MP3 to DOC Audext transcription online. If you need to get a text version of the audio file, Audext will convert MP3 to Word online effectively.

The innovative transcription tool will recognize speakers and fill in their names automatically. Try it and devote yourself to analyzing documents rather than typing and converting MP3 to DOC manually.


Before researchers and journalists had to face a challenge of transcription MP3 to text all by themselves. Today, there is a more efficient way of getting the necessary text file format from your audio recording. It is called Audext. Compared to manual audio to text conversion, an automatic MP3 to text software deals with this task in 10 minutes. Moreover, the content’s quality doesn’t suffer.

Even if you have never used MP3 to Word transcription online before, you’ll do everything quickly and effectively. It is simple to use Audext as its interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. The software will make tips and give you a tour of what is the next step to make. And if you still have questions, just check out the FAQ page with a full guide on how to transcribe any audio recording. Choose the necessary voice file, upload it directly to your dashboard, edit the text result, and export the file in TXT or DOC format. That’s it! The entire transcription process is almost instant.

The MP3 to Word conversion process in Audext is user-friendly and convenient. You are able to edit the file on the same page where you upload it for conversion. Moreover, it is possible to edit it at your own pace and download the ready version of the text file. 

Usually, transcription is associated with stress. When you finally done with your search of convenient way to get the transcription work done and try Audext software you will sigh with relief. Avoid stress and devote more time to analyzing the information you’ve recorded rather than transcribing it manually into text. Whether it’s the interview you’ve held, the lecture you’ve listened to, the audio from important video you’ve searched for — Audext got you covered! 

Why Should You Try  Audext MP3 to DOC Converter Online?

If you need to transcribe MP3 to a text file in the Word (DOC) format, you are recommended to use advanced software online. Audext is able to do this faster than any other tool. As a result, you’ll save valuable time and get the flawless results of audio to text transcription. Audext will take care of the correct punctuation thanks to the smart AI-powered algorithms it has.

You never know when you may face a need to use a DOC file. One of the reasons why it is a good idea to use automatic audio to text software is that you can do it whenever you are. An MP3 to Word online transcription tool will help you to perform this uneasy task urgently.

You may lack the necessary time to listen to mp3 or not have a chance to do it right now. So, Audext will be the best solution for you if you need to get the doc format from your digital recordings. One may also face a need to get an mp3 file quickly. For example, it is better to have podcasts in both audio and doc formats. Your reader will be really thankful if you provide them with both variants.

Transcribe MP3 to Word Online Using Any Mobile Device

Whether you use Android or iOS, you can send your files to Audext MP3 to Word converter online. This means that there is no need to hurry home to use your PC or laptop for sending MP3 file to the transcription program. You can convert MP3 file to Word by uploading your audio directly from a mobile browser and exporting the text file in DOC format in minutes. 

It is equally simple to use any of the available devices with access to the Internet when converting via Audext transcription tool. Either you use a mobile browser on your smartphone, or the regular browser on your laptop you’ll enjoy a fast and effective transcription process.

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