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5 Insights You Can Get From Conference Call Transcripts


Conference Call Transcription: 5 Insights for Business Managers:
Insight #1: Access to your information
Insight #2: Document unnoticed thoughts and ideas
Insight #3: Opportunity for better team building
Insight #4: Opportunity for business growth
Insight #5: Better customer support
Final Thoughts

Your conference telephone call is crucial for your business. 

Unfortunately, recording your conference calls, converting the calls into written words, and using the text for future reference is a very difficult task. 

Startup managers have to find effective ways of turning conference calls into text. The reason why? It’s through written words that conference ideas are better extracted, reviewed, and used for better business communication and growth. 

Transcribing every conversation during a conference is important. As a company manager, you need to not only optimize your call transcription process, you also need to find better ways to disseminate those words to your employees and boost your company performance.

This article presents five benefits of transcribing your conference calls and shares them with your participants.

Conference Call Transcription: 5 Insights and Benefits for Business Managers  

Below are five insights and/or benefits of conference call transcription. 

Startup managers and investors can use these tips to increase their productivity, improve their customer engagement, and grow their business tenfold. 

Insight #1: Conference call transcripts let you have access to your information

How do you have access to all your conference calls? 

Because let’s face it, it’s easy to have an hour-long conference call on a phone that details everything regarding your business. 

However, getting that information accessible in one file is difficult. Worse, how can you even find ways to disseminate that information to an employee via an email or a colleague via a LinkedIn messenger?   

Find a system that will automatically transcribe your conference calls … And what better systems to find than an automatic transcription service. In that case, the web-based transcript generator Audext comes to mind. 

Not only that the program is AI-enabled, which means that it automatically transcribes your audio conference calls into accessible texts, but you can also turn that text-based document into PDF and send it to your colleagues via an email. 

In addition, Audext’s system is pretty fast, accurate, and affordable to use. At $10.90 per minute, it means everyone can afford it. On top of that, the first 30 minutes is FREE.

audio to text converter

When you subscribe to the Audext system, you’ll not only bother about how to manage your audio conference calls. You’ll double down on your productivity. And get free time to focus on other important tasks, such as finding better solutions to record important thoughts. 

Insight #2: With conference transcription, you can document unnoticed thoughts and ideas

You can’t catch every phrase, every word, and every sentence in your conference call. 

If you want to document every piece of conversation in your conference call, transcribing that call is necessary. The way to do it is a little bit difficult though. You have to invest tons of hours of time to listen to the audio file. 

Then convert that audio content into written words, rewinding and forwarding the audio back and forth to make sure you don’t miss a word. 

Again, even if you outsource the help of a digital transcription service, you may end up disappointed as most of these so-called “digital transcription” services aren’t reliable. 

We recommend that you outsource the service of a reliable transcription service that can actually do the job. When looking for a reliable transcript generator, don’t just look for the cheapest one. 

For example, a lot of businesses would like to use Google Voice Typing. That’s because it’s free and all… But the problem with this voice typing tool is that it’s not as automatic as other web-based transcription software. 

Google Voice Typing program is such a time-consuming tool. Your best bet is to invest in the modern transcription tool that can accelerate your speed and saves you valuable time. 

Insight #3: Call transcription offers the opportunity for better team building

Your role as a CEO requires that you install a system that will make your job easier. 

For instance, you can have an in-depth conference call that details everything. But you can never guarantee that your team catches every word you want them to take home. That’s where conference call transcription comes to play. 

Transcribing your conference calls will ensure that all your conference participants get the text version of the call in Word or PDF format so they can refer back to it when they want, as they need it, and act upon it without hassle. 

When you transcribe your conference calls, therefore, you’ll not only help your participant in getting every piece of information handy, you’ll also help them in retaining those conversations, promote your company culture, and build your team. 

Because clarity of message and quality information is the backbone of team building, which are what conference call transcripts are all about.  

Insight #4: Opportunity for business growth 

Conference call transcript is what you need to grow your business. Why?

Because it helps to record your meetings and business conversations, it saves you time, and it saves you money. Conference call reduces your traveling costs. Think about it. 

Instead of dispatching new employees to travel elsewhere and receive training, you can present a training session in a conference call. You can then transcribe the call afterward, and send the transcript to your employee via an email or an instant messaging app. 

Digital transcription software like Audext offers conference call transcription service for a different set of clients. 

For example, the web-based transcription tool offers conference transcripts services to regular team meetings, training sessions, sales presentations, and customer-client discussions among others.

Once you have your file ready, plug it into the Audext system, and, in seconds, that audio conference file will be automatically converted into words so you can share it with your investors or staff or repurpose it and distribute it with your oversea freelance contractors on social media. 

Insight #5: Better customer support 

One of the top priorities for digital companies has always been to provide better support for their customers. 

Sure, you can provide excellent customer support when you capitalize on a business phone system such as a conference call, and you’ll do better if you go the extra mile of transcribing it. 

That’s because, not surprisingly, about 46 percent of customers say when they want to make an inquiry — especially a difficult one such as disputing a charge — they prefer speaking to a customer service agent, Ring Central reports. 

customer support call transcript

For you — as a manager of an organization — to achieve better customer support, you have to start by extracting accurate data and information from your meetings and conference calls. 

Thus, transcribing conference calls is crucial in this regard. A better way to achieve great conference call transcription is to ensure that you have the conference audio intact. 

Next, you should strive to find ways to convert the audio file into a text. Doing so will allow you to review your customer complaint, highlight the feedback that is crucial to your operations, and get your next company policy heard. 

The text-based transcript is more effective and better understood than any form of content, and investing in it is a better option. 

Sum up the benefits of conference call transcription

Transcribing an audio file of a conference call isn’t as difficult as you may think. If you use the right tools, tips, and insights, you can transcribe your entire conference call conversation without the hassle and grow your business tenfold.

The benefits? It lets you:

  • Find ways to easily access your information.
  • Documents unnoticed ideas.
  • Build your team.
  • Grow your business. 
  • Extract accurate data to support your customers.

It’s about building better communication so you give your customers the best and build your company to the next level. Is this possible? Yes. But the starting point might be to choose a quality conference call transcript generator that can do the job with accuracy, speed, and simplicity.

Katrin Deres


Katrin runs her own podcast show, and interested in best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.

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