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15 Best Conference Call Services to Fit Your Business Transcription Needs

conference call services

Top 15 Conference Call Services For Business
1. Meetupcall
2. Branded Bridge Line
3. Whereby
4. Fireflies
5. SuiteBox
6. Fuze
7. Blizz
8. ezTalks
9. Eyeson
10. Idiligo
11. IntegriVideo
12. Roundee
13. FastViewer
14. EmuCast
15. WorkStorm

Today, businesses have another important responsibility. They need to find innovative ways to deliver their service/product in a way that is sustainable and kind to the environment. 

One way that they can become more eco-friendly is by using conference call services more often. It can remove the need to travel which will help to minimize their carbon footprint significantly. 

Luckily there are many free conferencing services available that you can use to schedule and record a meeting. While it is easy to get sidetracked by all the extra bells and whistles that many of these conference call services offer, the most important remains the quality. 

The quality is even more important if you plan on getting the recording transcribed later on. Poor audio and video quality will not only frustrate your clients and employees but will also mean that your transcription will be less accurate.

Top 15 Conference Call Services For Business


The perk of Meetupcall is that you can sync it with any calendar app. This means that you can organize a phone call directly via your calendar. Moreover, you can invite as many as 200 attendees!

Branded Bridge Line

What sets Branded Bridge Line apart from other conference call services is that it lets you tie international conference bridge lines together from different regions. This means that it does not matter from where a person phones, they will be greeted by the same happy voice. 

If customer support is one of your top priorities, you will also like the fact that they have many support reps who can offer personal assistance should you get stuck. 


Whereby is ideal for those who work remotely. You can use it to hold a video conference call right via your browser. This means that no parties have to download anything or use login details. It is ideal if you are working in a medium-sized team. 


With Fireflies, you can record a meeting. In just a couple of minutes after you have ended your conference call, the recording will greet you in your inbox.

It is a great tool for collaboration as you can use it to highlight a specific important section of your conference call or even add a comment. 


If you are searching for a way to boost your customer experience, you will find SuiteBox very helpful. 

With SuiteBox, your customers will benefit from the convenience that digital channels offer, while at the same time giving them the opportunity still to interact with an actual human face.

It also boasts electronic signing which will help you to clinch more transactions more efficiently, ultimately boosting your productivity. 


Fuze is a cloud contact center and communications platform aimed at businesses. It boasts first-class voice quality. You can use it for calling to more than 100 countries. 

Their comprehensive platform is easy to understand and use, allowing your employees to communicate via any device at any time that is convenient to them. 


Blizz boasts many different features that include screen sharing, session recording, video/voice calls, and instant chat messaging. If you are searching for a tool that can help you to host a big huddle, Blizz can accommodate as many as 300 people. 


This advanced communication service is ideal for video webinars and boasts an interactive whiteboard which will help you to explain your ideas better. What’s more, you can use it for as many as 10 000 participants! 

If hosting a live event sounds too intimidating, ezTalks also has an automated webinar feature that you can use to record a live webinar beforehand and then schedule it at a specific time.


Eyeson is very easy to use. As it is browser-based, no parties have to download or install anything. With a simple click, you can invite a participant to join you. The video quality is also excellent, even if you add more participants (you can add as many as nine). 


If you need a conference call service to help you with sales, you can use this tool. It will lead you and your customer through the meeting automatically during which both parties will see the same content. 

As a code or email link is used to join the online meeting, similar to some of the other tools, there is no need first to download or install anything. 


Some of the features that IntegriVideo boasts include live HD interactive video, screen sharing, video meetings (with as many as 10 parties) and messaging. With its cloud video recorder, you can also rest assured knowing that all your video meetings will be recorded and stored securely.


Similar to IntegriVideo, Roundee also offers cloud recording. It is an easy-to-use tool if you often host browser-based meetings. Some of its other useful features include screen sharing, host control and a whiteboard.


If you often need to collaborate online, FastViewer offers a host of features that include chat and video transfer, interactive whiteboard and VoIP. It is very intuitive and does not require any installations.


EmuCast has been created for teams that work remotely. This micro chat and video meeting tool have an “always-on” meeting room feature that makes it effortless to connect and share ideas.


If you have found that a tool like Slack simply does not offer you enough and you require something a bit more professional, be sure to check out WorkStorm. In addition to conferencing services, this comprehensive tool also offers task management, email and messaging. 


More On Use Of Conference Call Services

With most of these conference call services, businesses can connect with virtually any potential client. You can, for example, be in the USA and clinch a sale with a new client all the way in India. 

What’s more, by getting these video calls transcribed to text with Audext, you can completely emerge yourself in the conversation, knowing that you will have a record of what was discussed to refer back to later. 

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