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There is more than one reason why you may face a need to transcribe WAV format to Word. Despite this, it may be not easy to find a dependable WAV to Word (DOC) converter online.

Not every online transcription software is able to provide you with the high-quality conversion of the digital recordings in this format. Audext smart software for WAV to Word transcription can make the process of conversion fast and easy.

Devote 10 minutes of your free time to transcribing WAV recordings and get the necessary Word file. Analyze your research interviews leaving the rest to WAV to Word converter online.



WAV is an abbreviation from WAVE Audio File Format. In most cases, it is used for the storage of uncompressed audio recordings compared to MP3, WMA, MP4, and M4A which are used for the file compression and are able to provide the small file size. Compressed audio formats sacrifice quality for the sake of size. However, there is a solution. One can use codecs like FLAC, WMA Lossless, etc. WAV is compatible with such popular operating systems as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Usually, researchers and journalists choose WAV format for storage purposes due to the fact that this format has high characteristics of quality for uncompressed audio recordings. Record conversations, qualitative interviews, lectures, conferences, etc. and use WAV to DOC converter online to get Word format of the audio. Having both audio and readable Word version of the information can provide you with lots of opportunities.

No doubts that WAV can boast with its great quality characteristics. But there is no format that is free of disadvantages. WAV isn’t an exception. Compared to other formats used to store digital recordings, WAV files have a relatively large size. So it may become a stumbling block for some online transcription tools. But Audext WAV to Word converter isn’t one of them. It will help to transcribe WAV format to Word (DOC) text quickly and effectively with zero worries about audio file size or quality of the results.

Why Using Audext  WAV to Word Converter Online Is a Good Idea?

There is more than one reason why you may need to convert WAV file to Word online. Those who have their own blogs or podcasts know that text transcript is easier to understand and promote online than an audio recording. There are numerous benefits for having both audio and text formats of the same interview, podcast, etc. The reader will definitely appreciate your responsible attitude toward satisfying the needs and wants of different customers. Isn’t it the perfect and the easiest way to broaden your reach?

Sometimes, it is not convenient to listen to the whole audio. Either you are at the place where you can’t turn on an audio track or you lack the necessary 30 minutes to listen to the full record. If there is a transcribed version of WAV audio file, things become easier.

Publishing interview podcast text transcripts will help you attract more visitors to your website. Moreover, search engines understand text files better which may lead up to an increase of the rankings. This means that using WAV to word converter online you’ll get a chance to optimize your content easy and fast. As Audext WAV to text transcription allows you to edit text results right there in your account’s dashboard.

How to Convert WAV to Word Online In a Few Minutes?

Speech recognition has never been as easy as it is now. Using Audext automatic WAV to text converter, you’ll finish the transcription process within minutes. Besides, you have an opportunity to try 30 minutes of Audext transcription for free!

After you log in to your account, there are just three simple steps you need to make if you want to get the high-quality WAV to Word (DOC) file converted online:
1. First, you need to upload the chosen WAV file directly to your dashboard of Audext transcription software.
2. Secondly, click “Convert” and edit the text at the most convenient speed.
3. Finally, export the converted file in DOC format.


Our advantages

Convert WAV to Word online faster than anyone else can do this using Audext online.

  • Almost instant automatic file transcription
  • Intuitive use of WAV to DOC converter online
  • The high speed of editing files
  • Accurate recognition of voices
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Can convert audio to text from any device


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