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Why Do We Need Transcription For Content Writing?

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Content writing tips

The term “content” is very broad and it can be considered a placeholder.

The meaning varies depending on the type of information that’s being presented. Many people think that content writing is strictly connected to articles and blog posts. But in reality, it’s much more comprehensive.

Content writers can create anything from website landing pages and personalized emails to video scripts and social media posts. They are tasked with conducting detailed research on the needed subject from various sources.

They are connecting the information and presenting it in their own words. With a fair amount of audio footage involved, many writers resort to using transcription for content creators and other content writing tips.

Content writing is one of the most demanding jobs out there, especially since it requires a very wide array of skills. Creators need to have an excellent command of the language in which they’re writing in, as well as good research skills and fast typing.

What are the challenges of this profession? It is connected to content writing revolve around writing about unknown subjects. They are meeting strict deadlines and dealing with significant amounts of stress. However, content writing should be all about quality over quantity, but most creators fail to understand that.

Handling these obstacles gets very hard at times. Fortunately, there are certain content writing tips that can save you from a lot of headaches in the long run. From transcription for content creators to more general guidelines, the following seven are some of the most important ones.

Seven Best Tips For Content Writing

Tips For Content Writing
Tips For Content Writing

1. Do a Lot of Research

While it may seem obvious, you have to go through extensive research before actually starting to write. How much time you’ll need for this depends on your previous knowledge of the subject as well as your ability to retain information.

Learning how to write good content stems from learning how to read and remember effectively. At times, you’ll find yourself spending more time on the research than on the actual writing – and that’s perfectly okay.

Content writing takes a lot of consistent practice and there’s no shortcut, but if you keep at it, you’ll eventually start noticing results. Once you start combining transcription for content creators with other content writing tips, getting research done becomes a breeze.

2. Save Editing For Last

Even though it’s one of the more difficult content writing tips to follow due to bad habits, post-written editing can massively boost your productivity. This means that your first worry should be getting all the necessary words written out, whether it’s 500, 2000, or a whole book.

Going back and re-reading what you’ve written after every two sentences are the number one content writing mistake. No one is able to create a flawless first draft, not even some of the most successful people in the business.

Chances are that it’s going to be riddled with mistakes and incompatible sentences, which is normal. Only after you’ve put down every word on paper should you go back and start polishing everything.

3. Keep Practicing

The only way to become better at content writing is to keep putting words down, even when you aren’t feeling up to it. One popular creator has stated that the most important thing is building a writing habit. It takes on average 60 days to form a new habit, so you’ll have to be persistent and do it every day.

Don’t dwell too long thinking about the type of content that you want to write – this is less important. Regular practice is one of the long-term tips for content writing, but it becomes second nature over time.

Later on, you’ll see how transcription for content creators can help you get more time for practice.

4. Make Personalized Content

When someone clicks on your article, the first thing that comes to mind is how they can benefit from it. Humans are by nature selfish, which is why you’ll have to put your readers first.

One of the best content writing tips involves using the pronoun “you” as much as possible so that you’re speaking directly to your audience. Always keep the sentences in the active voice, and remember that content writing is all about the people who you’re trying to pass information to.

5. Spike Their Curiosity

An attractive headline and an interesting introduction can set the pace for the rest of the article. You’ll have to convince the readers that your content writing skills are good enough so that it’s worth reading the whole thing.

Slowly lead them into your first main point while keeping the information concise and directly to the point. 80% of the readers never go past the headline, so it’s worth the effort. This is one of the obvious content writing tips, but nevertheless quite important.

6. Keep SEO In Mind

With tips for content writing, there’s a lot of technical stuff behind them that you’re not aware of. While it shouldn’t be your main focus, SEO plays a large role in the amount of recognition that you’ll get.

All of the above tips for content writing won’t mean a thing unless there’s someone to read everything that you’ve written. This means that if you want to rank high in Google’s search results, you’ll have to follow certain content writing guidelines.

This branches off into other content writing tips, all of them equally important.

7. Transcribe Accordingly

Audio content such as interviews and speeches can carry a lot of useful information. However, listening and writing that all down manually isn’t exactly efficient.

Because of this, certain services offer transcription for content creators that can automate this otherwise tedious process. This lets you focus on the actual practice and leaves you more time to hone your skills. Out of all the content writing tips, this is the only one that requires the use of an external tool – and it’s called Audext.

How Audext Can Aid Transcription For Content Creators

When you’re content writing, you’ll be spending most of your time on the Internet. Since its form of transcription for content creators is fully web-based, Audext doesn’t break that cycle.

Audio To Text Converter
Audio To Text Converter

In addition, the automated transcription process goes along well with the other previously mentioned content writing tips.

As an example, it’s much easier to improve SEO rankings this way since you’ll be able to easily detect certain keywords and find room for improvement.

All the different tips for content writing are often interconnected and combining them will ultimately get you the best results.

Accurate transcription for content creators depends on a couple of factors – the audio clarity, background noise, and speaker accents. Audext’s AI and machine learning methods are able to keep up with the quality standards even in poorer conditions.

Since content writing relies on error-free, grammatically correct data, you won’t have to worry about fixing those annoying mistakes later on. Even if this does happen, Audext has a built-in text editor which has a lot of useful features to take advantage of.

Transcription for content creators is easy with Audext – all you have to do is go through a simple email & password registration process to receive 30 free minutes. It’s one of the easiest content writing tips to implement since it can be done in a matter of seconds. If you’re satisfied, there are a lot of different pricing plans to suit your needs afterward.

Stop wasting time and start becoming a better writer with the above tips for content writing – it’s more than worth it.

Katrin Deres 09/11/2020
Katrin runs her own podcast show and is interested in the best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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