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Videolization: Eight Video Creation Software For Everyone

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What Is Video Creation Software & How Is It Beneficial?

When you look at the process of filming a video, it seems very straightforward. You turn on the camera, capture everything that you want and you’ve already got a recording. But what to do with the video? Edit it? Or try to use video to text converter and get your subtitles?

However, when you rewatch it, you’ll likely see a lot of unnecessary parts along with other things that could be removed/cut out. In the modern age, editing is the most important step in creating attractive video material that will spike people’s interest.

In fact, it sees a lot of use in multiple different industries – these are just a couple of examples.


Large-scale organizations utilize video marketing through very expensive methods, but it doesn’t have to be done that way. A number of video editor free online tools are more than enough to give small businesses an economical yet effective approach to create their own quality content.

In addition, these helpful utilities simplify the whole process, which gives marketers the ability to regularly publish videos and attract potential buyers.

Marketing Strategy


People, especially children, react and learn a lot better from visual content than from their textual counterparts. Even the otherwise tedious subjects can be converted to easily digestible information.

As long as you have a good strategy and good software to help you go along with it. With the large selection of free video editing software, all that’s left for you to do is to make a solid plan.

To help you achieve this goal, we have outlined some of the top players in the industry.

Education with video content

Eight Best Online Video Makers

1. Typito

Typito is an easy to use drag-and-drop video editor that lets you create stunning videos, faster and without the need to learn video editing skills.

Typito makes it easy to add text to videos, whether it’s text captions, titles for videos, social media CTA, or even automated video subtitles. Get access to motion graphic templates inspired by popular brands and customize any of the 500+ motion graphic templates that include stunning templates for events, news, food vlogging, sports, travel & 50+ categories.


2. FlexClip Video Maker

FlexClip is a simple and intuitive video maker that helps you create various types of videos in minutes. It will meet your purpose for creating social media videos, marketing videos, education videos, holiday videos, and entertainment videos, etc.

FlexClip Video Maker

3. Write-on Video

The Video Editor for All Storytellers. Make video outlines, create storyboards, and edit clips in a flash. Write-on Video not only makes video editing fun and efficient but also empowers you to organize your video production.

Plan your video production with the app, and edit videos with its rich features, including captions, animated stickers, speed controller, and more. You can choose to export projects as videos or PDF storyboards. You are just one app away from creating videos like professional YouTubers.

Also adding subtitles to youtube can help you get the most engaging material and good subtitles no matter what.

Write-on Video

4. InVideo

InVideo helps you to transform your content into great videos. They serve media companies, small businesses, and brands to expand audience engagement through the power of video content.

InVideo is the most comprehensive video creation platform to create video ads, promo videos, social media videos, and more. InVideo comes power-packed with an extensive library of 4000+ templates, a full-fledged editor, millions of stock videos and images, effects, and more.


5. Veed

Unlike other free video makers online, Veed doesn’t demand a registration prior to its use. Its “All in one creative toolbox”, as they call it, allows users to edit video online and add everything from subtitles font and drawings to filters and progress bars.

Similarly to Flixier, Veed is a video editor free that supports collaborative work through shared project files, which is as simple as adding all the users’ email addresses.

The company mainly advertises Veed to marketers and influencers due to its simplicity and 24/7 available tech support. Most of the features are one-click, so don’t expect a lot of customization.

Veed overview

6. Loopster

Among the best online video makers is Loopster, a tool that claims to help you edit video online better than other costly professional editing software. Loopster has a cartoonish feel to it, which takes a bit away from its professionalism.

Loopster as a video editing software free allows users to add a slow-motion effect, overlay music, stylish titles, and others to help you create artistic projects. There’s also the ability to adjoin multiple movie clips through animated transitions in multiple formats.

You can add your speech into the video, all you need to do is use the best voice recorder, save the video and upload it to the Loopster.

Loopster overview


Fastreel is a free video maker online software that focuses on giving users pre-made templates, with which they can modify their content and have it ready for release in a matter of minutes. These templates include those for intro/outro videos, birthday-themed videos, advertisements, etc.

Fastreel also has a compression feature, where you can reduce the size of your video file at the price of decreased quality. This tool is most suitable for bloggers and social media enthusiasts since there aren’t any advanced features, and it mostly relies on convenience.

Fastreel overview

8. Video2Edit

One of the most simplistic video editing software free, Video2Edit’s website cuts out all the unnecessary fluff and immediately presents you with all of its features. They are separated into two categories – one to edit videos, one to improve them.

As far as editing goes, there’s not a lot of options except to rotate or cut the duration of the video. For improvement, you can make changes to the audio codecs, compress the video, and even improve audio quality. If you need other formats, there are also multiple conversion options.


These best online video makers are very effective even standalone, but their use can be further expanded through the use of automated affordable transcription services.

How Can Audext Work With Video Creation Software?

No matter how good your video editing skills are, there’s no use from them unless you can reach as wide of an audience as possible through your content. One of the ways to do that is with subtitles.

For those who are hearing impaired or simply aren’t in a place where they can play loud audio, half of the entertaining part is lost unless you add captions. However, manual transcription is an extensive process that can take a lot of time and effort. This is where Audext, an automated transcription software, comes into play.

As with most of the aforementioned video creation software, there’s almost no required input from you – Audext does everything on its own. All that’s required is for you to upload the video file to the website and wait until you receive the desired output. And voila – your YouTube video to text file is ready!

Upload your file

Audext is based on AI, which makes it over 200 times faster than any other average manual transcription service. There’s also a speaker identification functionality that will automatically differentiate between the different people and label them accordingly. Once the transcription is finished, you can make any wanted modifications through Audext’s built-in text editor.

The 30-minute free trial will show you just how much more useful Audext can make any of the free video maker online tools. Try it today so that you can enjoy all of its benefits in the long run.

Katrin Deres 10/30/2020
Katrin runs her own podcast show and is interested in the best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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