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7 Corporate Meetings Trends for 2020

Business management
meeting trends

Corporate meetings and events are a great platform for business. 

Managers and employees hold corporate conferences to talk, to pass on information, to debate ideas, and settle disputes. Yet, despite its usefulness, people hate meetings because most of them are unproductive: 

67 percent of meetings are a waste of time. Why? Because they fail to produce any meaningful results. But there are ways to make your conferences productive, more successful. And when you do make them successful, you compete better in the business world. 

Many business executives are saying.

This article presents seven trends in corporate meetings in 2020. The trends walk you through several ways to organize effective conferences and win in the marketplace. 

Let’s look at each trend more closely. 

1. Niche Meetings 

One of the corporate conference trends of 2020 is niche meetings. Niche meetings are those connections that focus on a specific topic of interest or address a particular problem. What`s the reason niche meetings are trending in 2020? It`s all because they are very specific to a particular area of interest. 

People like such meetings because they’re often brief and straight to the point. Such corporate conferences appeal to employees because people are busy and are very conscious of their time and energy. People like to attend meetings that are tailor-made to address a certain task or issue.  

2. Shorter Meetings 

“Meetings are essential for enabling collaboration, creativity, and innovation. But why would anyone argue in defense of excessive meetings, especially when no one likes them much?” – HBR’s Leslie Perlow says.

The answer is because most meetings are not properly structured and organized.  

People easily get bored with corporate meetings and events. In fact, 92 percent of people multitask during conferences. It can be explained because most of them are generally long, dull, and boring even.

To make your connections more exciting, make them short, simple, and brief. That’s how you keep people focused and exciting during a corporate conference thanks to business transcription services. Also, it keeps them away from checking their phones or dozing off. 

business transcription for corporate usage
Business Transcription For Corporate Meetings

3. Personal Communication Over Q & A

Modern companies realize businesses that display personal human touch engage more with their customers. Also, it helps to get the most followers on social media, and have high customer retention. That’s probably one of the reasons why Q & A’s are becoming unpopular during corporate connections.

Businesses get the most out of their employees. Especially when they allow team members to engage personally, rather than to go over the old Q & A session thanks to remote legal transcription jobs.

This is the reason why the visionary leader Steve Jobs used to walk—barefoot—on the street of California. He was trying to engage with his design team. He makes the entire conference experience personal and avoids formal pressure.

This is good because personalizing connections entertains the flow of ideas and creativity. 

4. Context, Space, And Design  

Your corporate conference environment must respect these three important elements:

The perfect corporate meeting room is the one that not only focuses on the connection itself. It also provides a background outlook for that conference agenda.

In other words, your meeting room should be furnished with high-tech equipment. For example, the speed and connectivity of your A/V setup have to be up to date. 

Personal space has to be elaborate and accommodating to improve your conference experience. And the design and layout of your meeting platform should tally with your brand. Besides, it provides a framework that encourages good business ethics. For example, openness, transparency, and inclusiveness. In essence, your design should provide a basis for the work that takes place within your conference environment. 

5. Corporate Meeting Solutions To An Emergent Crisis  

You can’t prevent tensions, conflicts, and crises in any organization. As people assemble to achieve a business goal, tension, and crisis of all kinds must take place. That’s where corporate meetings are essential.

They are organized to iron-out issues and resolve conflicts. In 2020, business execs are prioritizing smarter crisis management skills over any other thing. They call on meetings to douse off the emergent crisis and preach peace. Also, it helps to communicate solutions to conflicting parties.

That’s because peace is the engine that powers a company, empowers it to grow and excel beyond leaps and bounds. 

6. AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the central communication technologies. They are a part of the modern-day meetings.
In 2020, more and more companies are using AI technology. It helps to improve their meetings:

  • Record
  • Transcribe
  • Edit meeting recordings

It helps to ensure effective communication and smoother team interaction.

You can check the power of AI-powered transcription tools like Audext. It may help to enhance your meeting experiences.

For instance, with AI-powered Audext, you can automatically transcribe your meetings. The software determines which word is said at each second. Also, it saves each word into a transcript of the audio recording.

And, above all, your editing is stress-free. Just choose the speed for the playback and slow down to edit your audio files at your own pace.

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7. Integration And Online Meeting Management 

Integration is one of the major corporate meeting trends in 2020. Organizations, small and big, are integrating high-tech in their communication. On the other hand, both online and offline meetings. For example, digital and traditional businesses are integrating recording technological tools. Also, it can be CMS, teleconferencing apps, management software tools to improve their meetings.

Doodle’s State of Meetings report suggests if you have a clear agenda and visual stimuli, it is very helpful. Videos and presentation technologies can make one’s meeting more powerful, clearer, and efficient.


Holding effective corporate meetings isn’t as difficult as you may think. Luckily, this year, we have seen many corporate meeting trends. The trends are packed with great tools and tips. So, anyone can use them to plan and structure an efficient corporate meeting.

The seven meeting trends in 2020 that we have explored in this piece include: 

It’s about making meetings effective and clear and less boring. It requires not only a lot of preparation and planning. But also, the application of human creativity, knowledge, and technology.

Katrin Deres 04/17/2020
Katrin runs her own podcast show, and interested in best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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