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7 Secure Apps to Use for Remote Calls

apps for remote calls

The COVID-19 has made it impossible to physically meet people, colleagues, customers, and prospects. This has thrown up a special opportunity to reach out to important people.

The COVID-19 has made it impossible to physically meet people, colleagues, customers, and prospects. This has thrown up a special opportunity to reach out to important people.

How? By using video conferencing solutions and all other remote technologies. Some popular apps allow video calls, remote meetings, and meeting recording and transcription.

Here, we provide 7 top remote apps that can allow us to remain active on professional fronts without venturing out of our homes. It gives us a corporate meeting solution and a way to make it more effective.

1. Sylaps

You can use Sylaps anytime to interact and hold web conference services with your team spread across the world. You can chat, share links, exchange files, take notes, and share the screen to spotlight important issues. You can show and demonstrate the working of your product to a remote prospect. 

All you need to do is to create a room and share the link to people with whom you want to hold the interaction through email or SMS. It boasts a great sense of practicality as it can be accessed and used on any available device from mobile phone to tablet or computer and on operating systems from Linux to Windows and macOS. 

2. Join Me

Join.Me provides very popular corporate meeting solutions to small businesses. Its modern interface makes it easy to set up and use. With plenty of modern features, this platform is very useful in making your online meetings successful. Join.Me has a limited free plan for users to begin using the platform. It belongs to the LogMeIn bouquet of services. 

It has two affordable plans for its feature-rich online video chatting services. A monthly fee is charged for each registered user, who alone can host a meeting. The user interface is modern and friendly and setting up meetings is very easy. Its pricing and toolset are now in line with its competitors. 

3. Roundee

Roundee provides a completely browser-based corporate meeting solution for anyone, anywhere, and anytime. It offers a wide range of user-friendly features such as easy invitation and built-in recording. 

This secure app facilitates quick business video conferencing solutions with people, colleagues, and personnel at multiple locations. It caters to both small and big businesses.

4. Nextiva

Nextiva provides business video conferencing solutions VoIP as well as contact and call center solutions to more than 100,000 businesses in the US. And even more:

Cloud Phone Systems Offer Remote Teams Secure Business Communications

Prior to 2020, many companies had small teams of remote workers. Now, the majority of their workforce is remote in order to continue doing business.

Businesses need to make sure that all client interactions and customer service communications continue uninterrupted. And also are seamlessly handled by employees working from home.

Companies still need to manage incoming calls with useful CRM, call pop notifications, and analytics. A cloud-based phone system is recommended here not only because of its easy to use features and benefits.

But because it can seamlessly and securely connect these different functions. And because the service is hosted on the Internet, remote employees can register and use their phones from anywhere.

How does a cloud phone system securely help people who are used to working in an office and are now working from home? Because VoIP providers like Nextiva control and maintain all the security protocols of your phone system rather than your company.

A remote office phone system also lets you activate enhanced call security between users such as call encryption. It results in no extra call latency and assures that others cannot eavesdrop on the web conference services. 

If you are looking for a hub that securely connects your remote business video conferencing applications without the added cost, a cloud phone system is the right choice for you.

5. ReadyTalk

ReadyTalk provides audio and video conferencing solutions across the globe. It has a range of smooth interface features that enable glitch-free video conferencing solutions. While it leads to security features, it offers a toll-free option for international web meetings. Its corporate meeting solutions are available to businesses of any size across geographies.

6. Consolto

Consolto is a secure app for business video conferencing. It is especially useful for businesses and individual service providers to hold face to face online chatting with their clients on a safe, secure, and reliable platform. People offering professional services such as educators, lawyers, doctors, architects, and engineers. It can organize convenient video conferences with their clients, and others on Consolto platform. 

It offers a virtual 3D environment that allows the demo of a product, idea, or service to be more immersive and interactive. Consolto can be used in many functions ranging from online sales to customer support and consultancy, and more. It’s very easy and friendly to set up and use. You can also install Consolto plugin on your website that would allow you to hold a video chatting with a visitor to your site.

7. WebRoom

WebRoom is a video conferencing software with a complete range of features for a virtual seminar or classroom. It is a free room for enterprises, schools, educators, and businesses to hold their online meetings and classes. WebRoom is a complete solution offered through windows. It offers presentation tools, presentation streaming, mobile access, electronic hand-raising, and screen sharing in one place.   

Video Conferencing Solutions Are Saving Lives

All the above-mentioned secure apps allow the users to make remote calls, hold remote meetings, and generate meeting recording and transcription. 

However, to receive the maximum benefit of the meetings and interactions held through these apps and software, you can use Audext to transcribe remote meetings. Whether it’s an audio or video message – with Audext it’s easy as ABC.  So, are you ready to try it now?

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