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Why Recording Minutes Of Meeting Is The Biggest Step Before The Planning Session?

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The majority of annual meetings are actually not contentious. Or they can be not as exciting as you might have conjured in your mind. However, they do remain important for several reasons. 

By meeting at least once a year with the relevant shareholders, your company is offered protection and the minutes become a crucial tool.

Thus, it’s not a question of whether to take minutes. But instead what is the most efficient method to transcribe meeting minutes.

What Is The Purpose Of Minutes Of A Meeting?

The annual meeting transcription is the biggest step before your company’s planning session. In fact, in many instances when a company fails to hit its financial targets it is because its planning session was inadequate

Your meeting recorder and transcription can help your business to plan more effectively in several ways, and transcription jobs remote is the best way to do it properly.

For starters, when you transcribe the minutes of your meetings you have a hard copy of the goals that you have set. This helps you to refer back to it to ensure that you remain on track. 

Why minutes are important?

The data that was shared at an annual meeting is also very useful for analysis. You can use it to reach conclusions and learn from decisions that did not deliver the desired results. 

Though, working with data can be challenging, even more so if you need to devise formulas. So, to help everyone, it makes sense to make an audio recording of the numbers that were mentioned. This way you eliminate the risk of human error (just imagine the effects if you missed a zero). 

annual meeting transcription
Corporate meeting stats

Then, by converting it into a written format, it becomes effortless to quote a specific figure. It was mentioned during the previous meeting.

Plus, the transcription enables you to review what was said as many times as you need. 

Purpose Of Meeting Minutes And Advantage Of Using Meeting Transcription Software

The issue with taking minutes manually instead of relying on making a recording is that it becomes a race against time to jot down everything. And, meetings are notoriously long! Imagine having to write down everything that was said during a five-hour meeting?

After all, we can speak much faster than we can write. As a result, important decisions can be left out. It can also be a nightmare to make sense of the handwriting at a later stage.

Unlike the manual approach of taking notes by hand, using software to convert your audio recording into text is much faster. It’s also more cost-effective as you don’t need to rely on human resources. 

A meeting minutes software solution, like Audext, can be used for multiple voices and can transcribe the meeting in just a few steps. What makes this software even more convenient is that you don’t have to install any software before you can begin.

All you have to do is to log in to the account, upload the audio recording in one of the available audio formats to its user-friendly dashboard.

Audext transcription process
Audext transcription process

The recording of your meeting will then be converted into text format in a few minutes. It is working with the help of innovative artificial intelligence. It can take days if you use a transcription company or ask your secretary.

This means that you can enjoy a same-day turnaround without having to add to an employee’s workload.

Meet And Plan More Efficiently With Transcript

You are opting to record the meeting and then transcribe the audio file later. Also, you can be completely present and devote all your attention to the meeting. Plus, software solutions can do it much faster and more accurately than a secretary.

As meetings (hopefully) don’t take place every day, it makes more sense to try Audext.

Use a meeting minutes software that can be useful on an as-needed basis without incurring any expensive tools for such an important task.

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Katrin Deres 01/31/2020
Katrin runs her own podcast show and is interested in the best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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