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The Audext blog

Automatic audio transcription service provider brings you useful tips, trends and inspiring ideas on how to transcribe recordings easier.

by Katrin Deres | 10/04/2019

Many companies are searching for individuals who can help with audio file transcription and transcribe their interviews. Plus, with podcasts gaining in popularity, there are countless brands that now also upload an audio transcription of their weekly podcasts to their websites. This means that nowadays transcribers are rather sought after! […]

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by Katrin Deres | 09/27/2019

The majority of people use computers on a daily basis. Though, just because you spend hours in front of the computer screen does not necessarily mean that you can type at lightning speed and with a high degree of accuracy.  You will not be as competitive as your fellow transcribers […]

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by Katrin Deres | 09/20/2019

What Is A Voice Recorder? How Did It Appear? A professional voice recorder is any device that can record a voice. In fact, the first device that was used for sound recording can be traced back all the way to the 1870s. Luckily, much progress has been made in the […]

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by Katrin Deres | 09/13/2019

Several industries rely on transcription services for a wide range of reasons. One well-known example of where transcription is needed is in the legal and medical fields. A verbatim transcription (in other words, where the audio has been transcribed word for word) can be kept to serve as a reference […]

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by Katrin Deres | 06/30/2018

Have you thought about how many words you speak in a minute? So, you use about 110-130 words in your chat per minute. And this is five times more than if you were typing. It turns out that people spend a lot of time creating a message that could be […]

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by Katrin Deres | 06/27/2018

Imagine the following situation. You are driving, the traffic is busy, and you urgently needed to write down some ideas, thoughts, important notes, or urgent phone calls. Fortunately, you have the iPhone at hand, but creating text memos in such conditions is not safe, nor comfortable. The way out is […]

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by Katrin Deres | 05/29/2018

At work or while studying – you are facing the need to convert voice recording into text. How to make transcription quickly and accurately, if you do not want to do it manually? Learn how you can transcribe audio to text for free using your smartphone`s voice-recorder or professional devices with apps without losing quality and time.

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by Katrin Deres | 05/25/2018

An interview transcription guide for professionals and students who are facing the need to convert audio into text. Find the most convenient online recording and transcribing apps and tips to learn how to transcribe qualitative interviews automatically.

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