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Beginners’ Guide: How to Record and Transcribe Google Meet Call

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Today, more than ever before, businesses are searching for innovative tools and services. It can be used so that more of their employees can work remotely.

In fact, according to Global Workplace Analytics and Flexjobs, in the US, remote transcription jobs work has increased by more than 40% in the past five years. 

One such tool that many businesses have already turned to is Google Meet. It has been created mainly to be used for work-related communication. What makes Google Meet more attractive than Google Hangouts? If offers the ability to make recordings of your connections.

So, let`s check how can we effectively use Google Meet – call recording and transcription.

How to Use Google Meet?

Using Google Meet for corporate and personal connections is so-easy and affordable for everyone. If you want to host a conference via Google Meet, you will need a G Suite account. The employees that you invite to take part in your meeting only need a standard account and reliable Internet access, of course.

If you wish to invite more than 25 employees at the same time, you will need to opt for the G Suite Business account. While this plan costs double, you can invite twice as many people.

Once a person has scheduled a conference in Calendar, a code will be generated. Other members will then use this code to join the Google Meet session. The only thing the invited participants need to do is: 

Or, the conference organizer can forward a direct link to everyone. So that participants simply have to click on to cooperate in the meeting.

How to record Google Meet call

You can also record Google Meet call. Life happens and not all the participants might be able to join, making this new feature very useful. Just like organizing a meeting, recording a video conference is very easy too.

NOTE! You can record the conference only if you are its organizer.

Here’s how to do it step-by-step:

record google meet call
Recording Google Meet call by Audext

The file of the Google Meet record will then be saved to the meeting organizer’s Google Drive. This process of saving the recording takes about 10 minutes. So, do not panic if you cannot find it immediately.

If you would like to download the recording, select the file and then click on “More” and select “Download” from the drop-down menu.

If you would like to download the recording, do it step-by-step:

1. Select the file and then click on “More”

2. Select “Download” from the drop-down menu.

If you are not an organizer of the meeting, here`s a guide on how to record your screen:

Download ScreenRec
Download ScreenRec

How To Transcribe Google Meet Recording?

It is great to have a Google Meet recording, but you might feel that it does not solve all your needs.

It can be really challenging to store all your recordings if a participant missed the meeting. Also, he/she needs to listen to the entire recording of the corporate call. It can take a lot of time, isn`t ut? But if you have a Google Meet transcription, they can use this text to gain the essence of the conference much faster and make it way more effective.

Luckily, an automatic meeting transcription software like Audext is much easier to use than relying on your own skill. Truth be told, you should not even consider converting a Google Meet recording to text using a manual approach. It is simply is not nearly as cost-effective as online video transcription software.

For example, Audext transcribes many different video formats. It can include M4V, MP4, WMV, MOV, and 3gp. It uses AI to transcribe your Google Meet record quickly. Also, it is making it one of the most cost-effective solutions. You just need to sign in to your dashboard, upload your Google Meet recording and click on the “Submit” button to start the process. After it, you are going to enjoy high-quality and fast transcription.

Try Google Meet Recording & Transcription For Your Remote Meetings

By using a conference call service like Google Meet, a business can allow their employees to work more flexible hours. It can help to keep your team happy and your business – to connect with potential clients from around the globe. 

Google Meet Recording and Transcription helps to copy important decisions. They were made for future reference and allows you to focus on your co-workers or clients. It is a game-changer.

So, are you ready to give it a try?

Katrin Deres 03/27/2020
Katrin runs her own podcast show, and interested in best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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